I feel like that was a bold choice for Disney, but then again, Disney is the king of messed up parental situations. The Sims 4: The Best Items You Can Only Get In Bowling Night Stuff The Adventures of Baron Munchausen - Estimated value $2,500There is one good thing about watching The Adventures of Baron Munchausen... you at least get to see a young Uma Thurman.
There's data to show consistent levels of violence against women in the real world, and then depicted on TV and movies. If you open the window, then it gets you? I've literally seen people in real life that look like that. Just because you were given the job of writing the synopsis, doesn't mean you know what you're doing. The tagline for this says "Strange Tales of Terror from Beyond the Grave." Are you shocked?

She wanted to raise 101 puppies just to make a coat. 7. Anyway, how'd this get about crawdads? At one point in their lives they had a real future. Wrestling videos are also very popular, and so are campy cult classics and … I don't need to instill doubt in my fear. At $275 a pop, he could make a fortune off a truckload.

Relax, pause, and rewind… This is at a time when taglines still meant something. OK, haters. So keep repeating to yourself: it's only a movie. I'm going to start making that a catchphrase. There are species of plants we still haven't discovered yet. Check out this one, "You won't be living when you're not alive!" I wish I was as mean back then as I am now.

Now they live their lives as millionaires doing whatever the hell they want.19. search results for this author. There's plenty of people who look at Bambi's dad and think, "yep. The "real event" was that the producer's neighbor once got scared because someone knocked on their door. I look like one of those tribespeople how puts plates in their lips to stretch them.50. The mother gets killed. They'd only be able to fit five movies. He was sick of all the nasty aliens. "When should we release the next one? Abortion? Shutterstock. The Beatles are totally legit though. This sleeve design is where the real money is. Talk about another classic horror franchise. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers If you ever end up digging through your old Muppets memorabilia and find this, hang onto it and become rich!5. Ah, 'The Lion King.' It's not like you could take a photo and immediately see how it turned out. We've got another scintillating tagline with this movie, people. "You seen Gina lately? It's always fun to watch one of your favorite actors before they were huge. 2.5 out of 5 stars 7 ratings. They say that hatters (people who made hats) went crazy in real life because mercury was used in hats. Just imagine what his man-parts would look like. He goes into psychosis thinking she's Judy, so he rapes and kills her. Dumbo (Black Diamond Edition) - Estimated Value $700I have a bone to pick with 'Dumbo.' You can't be afraid of something you can make fun of. 41. Can we just leave out the "probably?" Grimm's fairy tales? / "I don't know.

She just always out there diggin' up business." It'll never work. The fans deserve to see the original cut. Or am I just playing into societies rules? 'Journey into the Beyond' is a documentary that shows you the world of voodoo, ritual sacrifice, an all sorts of other crazy stuff.

If you want to make it even more exclusive, only sell it at Disneyland. To think that it all started with a campy, violent movie like this.
If you want to find a poorly edited documentary about literally anything, just log onto Youtube.

You bet I did. That makes it a collector's wet dream. Now a good tagline is something like, "this is a great movie - Steven Spielberg." Anyone who isn't white is a savage, hell-bent on sacrificing white women. I wish more movies used that tagline though, until it was about as meaningless as all the other poster saying we get: exhilarating, a knockout performance, or spell binding. Watch your back. There are certain horror icons that are so played out they aren't scary anymore. I'm very sure they mean paralyzed, because I don't think anyone has ever been sterilized with fear. Then he just keeps doing that. She's got that gorgeous red hair, and plenty of junk in the trunk for someone with a fin. Now they must pay the price. Flesh eaters sound pretty horrifying, but only about as horrifying as "guy who will kill you." You ever have one of those weeks that just gets worse and worse? This movie might be a classic, but 'Song of the South' sounds like a racist movie, doesn't it? I've never seen this movie, but it's apparently a comedy with a lot of fast talking lines. At least you know what you're getting. Disney was so on-the-nose with that character that her name is literally Cruel one of Evil.

He's the wild card, after all. Unfortunately the show was recently cancelled and Bruce Campbell is officially retiring the character of Ash. There was a movie called 'The Strangers' based on real events. I'm sitting here thinking, "ok. Make it wait then. This rare VHS gem is a story about Dr. Frankenstein turning two cavemen into new monsters of his creation. He has a hump for a back!