The Wizards are a colossal embarrassment!N07H4NX, you make a big deal about how Blatch is putting up crazy numbers, but what does it matters if the team is still LOSING? Somehow I don't think you'll find the "throwing your players under the bus to the media" tactic in any respected management training programs.Wilbon should change his name to Captain Obvious. i ain't saying blatche ain't a jerk, but it ain't all HIS fault. The injuries--Gilbert--BAD TRADES-Ernie. The only way the Wizards can reverse this losing culture is by getting a few true vets on there rosters .
Over paid and stupid! once walked to the bench w/o warming up and announced himself ready for duty and actually played. I disagree with getting rid of him. Sounds a lot like Eddie Jordan before he got fired and in my opinion is a direct shot at Ernie Grunfeld the day after Ernie forced him to swallow his pride and castrated him in front of the team by forcing him to keep Blache in the starting lineup with significant minutes.Want to hear something else funny? This isn't like putting a player in with 15 seconds left in the game. This is the reason John Thompson does not coach the Wiz. The TEAM doesn't win when the coach blasts a player in the media, and then doesn't punish that player for blatant insubordination. this guy quit after being taken out in the 1st quarter!yes, Blatche has poor shot selection. Get rid of his dumb ass, its the last thing we need and u shouldn't be allowed to comment on here anymore...Who do I blame the most? Dealing BOTH of these guys away only for them to be on winning winning rings, the other a NBA supertar with Sacramento.REAL Wiz fans are STILL mad at this management for that! Wilbon just needs something to yap about. the disease comes from the top,I agree with you, MW. or damn near anybody else for that matter. Abe Pollin has two accomplishments; winning in 78 and Building the MCI Center! You were a bright spot in a storm. The guys in charge know what they are doing. But whats with all the negativity Mike? I get the comment about sales teams and such, but this guy will alienate his teammates, the media, and the fans. Wilbon has inside contacts that let him know what's going on. Our problem is, who would even want to come here? However, jumping to the decision to trade Blatche is a mistake.

He calls players out in public and he always analyzes Blatche in context of KG's shadow. Plumlee was selected with the 22nd overall pick by the On April 8, 2014, the Nets faced the two-time defending champion After starting the first two games of the season in the absence of Lopez, Plumlee moved back to a bench role in the wake of Lopez's return until the starting center once again missed time during December, in which Plumlee was put back into the starting line-up.On June 25, 2015, Plumlee was traded, along with the draft rights to In Game 3 of the Trail Blazers' 2016 first-round playoff series against the Los Angeles Clippers, Plumlee recorded career highs of 21 rebounds and nine assists in a 96–88 win. wouldn't be the first time something like that happened.wilbon, congrats for finally making a point i agree with.You can't trade an "attitude" if they don't play. Maybe they'll get the hint...Posted by: lylewimbledon | March 25, 2010 4:26 PM I USE to like reading Wilbon's articles but I have to agree with a couple of the post, he only reports NEGATIVITY! There is always 2 sides to a story. Dude doesn't work at a grocery store stocking shelves where he just has to show up on time, smile, and stay somewhat busy during his shift to keep his job. maybe Flip isn't a good coach, maybe Ernie isn't a good GM. Don't expect to see Leonsis wearing a Wizards cap any time soon.I think having to play for the putrid Wizards is more of a punishment than suspending him.Why is it that the ONLY NEWS we hear about the Wizards is negative?!? Riley ran the team and provided all the discipline need. Moving Antawn Jamison, Caron Butler and Brendan Haywood doesn't mean the housecleaning is done. His brother Miles had originally committed to play at Stanford, but chose to follow him to Duke after Stanford coach He missed the first six games of the 2009–10 season with a broken left wrist.Through April 4, 2010, Mason was tied for first on the team in blocks, with 30, and second on the team with 21 dunks.It was anticipated that in 2010–11 the two brothers would both be in Duke's starting lineup.Mason started 11 of the team's first 13 games in the 2010–2011 season, in 3 of which he recorded double doubles in points and rebounds. He declared for the 2005 NBA Draft out of high school, and while originally thought of as a first-round prospect, he slipped to the second round and … He thinks he can get by on talent only. Now you just became part of the storm.

Carlo Pamintuan/ESPN5 "We were going to ride those two players. Bad move and really bad timing. Blatche is the future of this franchise.
This is the time to make a change.