Anthony's favorite guilty pleasure is comic books and graphic novels which was said in the same interview.

Honestly though, occasio...  Emo Anthony Returns where he would say that he might bring it back on special occasions.Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. She deleted it soon after she posted it but it can be found on other websites copied by fans. Daniel Anthony Padilla (born September 16, 1987), is an American YouTuber and comedian from Los Angeles, California, and a former member of Smosh. He has two brothers, of which we know one is named When he was growing up his mom's agoraphobia meant that he had to support his family in his "When he was a freshman, Anthony got his driver's license, but he got a car and drove earlier as he used to drop He has brown-colored eyes, slightly tan skin, and curly dark brown hair. It was revealed via his instagram, Mykie's instagram, and a video on Mykie's channel. He was walked all over to the point where he asked for her approval in every aspect of his life. Is he coming back, like ''ever''? Along with Ian, the two made their official acting debut in On Wednesday, June 14, 2017, Anthony announced in the video "After his departure, many fans were unsure of the future of Smosh.

It's then revealed that earlier, Ian was confronted by a group of people with bowl haircuts (Anthony, Ian, Danny! That decision is up to him. There is also a mention that he has worse much ADHD than Ian in the fake From October 10, 2010, to November 2014, Anthony was in a relationship with (and engaged to on June 29, 2013) YouTuber In his second "Draw My Life" he stated that the relationship with Kalel was manipulative and throughout most of it he feels now he was being used. The HSP has remained dormant ever since. The video Anthony is 5'11" tall and weighs 158 lbs, according to a tweet from him on June 23, 2013. He is Ian's best friend and the founder of Smosh Productions. D:☹

His confidence had dropped to rock bottom and he lost who he really was as a person. It's After a while of pointless non-contact fighting, Mandy is devastated to see the stripes in her hair fall off. Her reaction to the video was very offensive, sending Anthony multiple offensive tweets on Twitter. On September 22, 2017, Anthony made his relationship with Miel official on YouTube. After the release of the video a large social media argument happened, started by Kalel. An intervention is happening... Danny! Anthony mentions that it was extremely embarrassing for him to do the Anthony said that he had no further educational plans and had no idea on what to do with his life until he started to earn money over YouTube. It is often hard to explain the personality of both Ian and Anthony as they often role-play and vary their attitude. At The Disco, Mandy Massacre, and Gerrit will stop at nothing to bring Anthony's emo hair back. Their views have also dropped dramatically as well. ", stating that it's about pain (Danny), deception (Mandy), and "GEORGE W. BUSH" (Gerrit).

On February 5, 2018, Anthony uploaded a video called In the summer of 2019, Anthony was hired by Nickelodeon to host the Facebook series Anthony has to wear a mouth guard when he goes to sleep because otherwise, he would grind his teeth together. He is often cheeky as he usually teases Ian around with the Anthony can also be seen as better around children, which is seen when he was talking to his 7-year old cousin Anthony was born in Sacramento, CA.

Danny then explains that if he doesn't want to be emo, they'll make him emo.