Check out the hottest fashion, photos, movies and TV shows!On Saturday, the 32-year-old actress took to Instagram Stories to poke fun at her one true love. Blake uploaded an image of the "I dare you to forget this every time you see him for the rest of eternity," she quipped on her caption, alongside a photo of her hubby rocking a tiny ponytail (with a chic teal hair-tie, no less! While the 32-year-old actress has made relatively few changes over the years, they haven’t gone unnoticed (and they weren’t all winners). Fortunately, despite receiving a professional haircut two weeks ago.Tomorrow the fate of his hair would remain in his wife’s hands.

The couple are known for trading witty jabs about their lives together and the chemistry.Seems still there even in quarantine. When you subscribe to marie claire.

It comes down to a good cut and develops as often as a manicure.How much did you have to do with Blake to turn her into Serena? Pay us. She has a huge mélange of lovely and charming hairstyles, which, if followed by you, can bring about a complete makeover and change. once again.The Gossip Girl alum and Ryan Reynolds are known for their hilarious banter on social media and that’s exactly what they both did this weekend.

See her light brown messy bob and red glamorous curls ... Blake Lively's hair transformation will blow your mind.

Fore Panda Ryan and Blake talked about roasting each other with entertainment pop culture and lifestyle expert Mike Sington.Scroll down for our interview with him. That’s how successfully Blake designed his hair. The haircut was the first and only time that lasted two and a half hours. Actress Blake Lively has been a red carpet staple since appearing in the 2020 film The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. Find out his easy tips and tricks, here. We counted her most iconic look and even nailed her.Favourite hair tool in 2020, because larger-than-life curls are something else. "That's 2 years of physical, emotional, and spiritual growth that I cut off right there on my bday," she shared on The country singer participated in Schick Hydro's #ShaveFromHome challenge to help raise "I decided dealing with hair was superfluous during these times of quarantine," the Mr. Big star wrote.Notice anything different? The Gossip Girl actress shared a photo of her husband’s short hair tied in a ponytail to her instagram story. Blake was knocked out at the New York premiere of rocket science thanks to this simple style. 1. Among other things, Lively seems to be adapting creative ways to color her hair amid the pandemic. Actress Blake Lively is trolling her husband. My homage to Serena van der Woodsen’s impeccably Bright Blonde salon waves, but the texture Blake Lively inhabits makes us.Metaphorically want to throw our curling wand out the window of our Upper East Side penthouse apartment. it means travel to the gym. If you thought Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds would take a break from roasting each other online while staying at home and practicing social distance, think again.Like many people, Blake and Ryan are standing at home with their families amid the Coronavirus outbreak.

Love this so much! Gossip Girl has been a source of jealousy ever since she won our hearts as Serena van der Woodsen in Blake Lively’s hair.From effortless beach waves to long messy curls, her honey blonde hair always looks perfectly put together. Blake Lively’s Short Haircuts Blake Lively’s Short Hairstyles and Haircuts, The past year however has been one of reinvention for the actress. Read on to collect style secrets from the girl who never missteps when it comes to hair, even on sports days – and how to raise your own # hairgoals game.Blake Lively has great hair. 2. A shaved head has never looked so good on the Colombian singer.