Guys with not only a medium length hair but also with a different texture can also look sexy wearing a comb fade over.

Style the top into a pomp-style Comb Over sporting a longer swept up front. Modern comb over haircut is combined with high, low and taper fade, curls and textures. Work your fingers along the textured top to create a raked look. Add some texture and style into a slicked back Mohawk that sweeps slightly to one side. Similar to the classic side part, the comb over haircut typically has longer hair on top and more volume.

It’s a classic men’s haircut that is getting a modern twist this year.Brush it up and give it its most voluminous form or go for tapered, faded sides for that contrasted look. Apply pomade cream and pull the hair back away from the face. Apply lots of texturizer cream at the top and use your fingers to create a disheveled yet cool look. Use medium heat and medium strength on a blow dryer and lift the hair off the scalp for volume. Let it dip towards the back and go on to blow dry the top for added visual volume. This will lock in the style for an all-day hold.3. 29 Coolest Men’s Hair Color Ideas to Try This SeasonThe Top 19 Men’s Hairstyles for Thin Hair to Look Thicker Keep the sides fresh with a low skin fade-sporting some light texture to it. Otherwise, I recommend everyone give this haircut style a try.This look is a bald fade comb over with a hard part and faded beard.

Apply pomade cream to the longer top and work it gently and deep into the hair. East technical breakdown. An all-time favorite men’s hairstyle, the comb over is popular for its versatility and flexibility, partnered with various hair length, color, and texture. Below are 36 inspirational ideas for those planning to sport a Comb Over haircut.To get this modern Comb Over hairstyle start with a side part followed with a dipped fade. For starters, I apply grooming tonic to wet hair. Apply pomade cream and tease into a raked texture for a more classic look.Settle for a deep side part and apply a texturizer to the hair. This haircut can be club ready for Friday night or business orientated for meetings Monday morning. Cindy has over 15 years of experience as a hair stylist and colorist in Las Vegas, NV. I then use a paddle brush to blow the hair against the grain until 70% dry to create volume. This haircut usually has shorter hair around the back and sides that is often faded. I overthink things a lot creatively, and when I create styles like this, my graffiti background takes control and shoves my ideas into a single cut. 19. I continue styling by adding a volumizing powder to assist with lift. Use a comb to comb it from the part line to the opposite side. Keep it tapered with a fade on a sharp black hair.Keep a cut perfect for a fresh everyday look with this easy styling.

Remember that your fade will come to a mid-length of your head, which means that you will have a …

Section the front and give it a slight sweep to one side. Complete with a clipper outline to add more edge to this haircut.Comb up the hair at the top and go on to give the sides and back a short buzz cut. Long hair men can wear a comb over fade in many different ways. I finished the cut with a simple design flourish to enhance the look, but not detract attention from the bald fade or disconnected quiff.The coolest part of the haircut is the little details that were put into it. It’s neat and definitely says who the man is. The fade comb over consists of low, mid or high faded hair on the sides with longer hair on top, which is then combed over as a side part, slick back, or textured style.