Not only does it create motivation to purchase with a clearly displayed free shipping offer, but it also offers “massive” savings if you can find the Easter eggs hidden around Topman’s website. This fun gif is appealing to guys — after all, it’s a video game graphic of PacMan — and gets right to the point. Sales!

Sales! It gives you the opportunity to segment your target audience and communicate with each segment separately. No one is happy about the situation that the world is in, but you can try be a ray of sunshine in an otherwise bleak Spring season.. is most likely managed by a person or group of people. (ContactPigeon is one of the very few omnichannel marketing automation platforms which actually also supports postcard marketing for retailer as well)Run an in-store Easter Giveaway to boost stores’ traffic:  Offline contests and giveaways are a great motive for consumers to visit your retail stores, so don’t lose this opportunity to boost your instore visits. Send an 'Easter egg' direct-mail postcard Postcards are perfect for reaching a well-targeted audience with a special offer that audience is likely to respond to. In 2018, 75% of the population of the UK celebrated the Easter holiday. — By hare mail. Online sales grew in the first three quarters of 2018, to — a year-to-date growth higher than the three previous years. Just be cautious of the frequency and timing of deployment.cart abandonment accounts for a major part of lost revenue on Easter. Wiring a blog post and implementing catchy, fresh Easter subject lines in each email automation you set up is crucial. We provide a solution to every marketer's problem: How to send the right message, at the right time. Millennials spend around $2,000 annually on eCommerce — this Now that we’ve gone through the latest consumer buying trends and looked at the secret sauce for success of Zara eCommerce, let’s hop on to how you can build an awesome responsive Easter marketing plan for your brand.As the Zara eCommerce demonstrates, Easter has moved way beyond Easter baskets filled with candy and chocolate bunnies. Ready to Spring into Action, and Breath New Life Into Your Business? When used properly, this channel, which is not subjected to spam filters nor any other form of inbox restrictions, is “pushed” at the point where users are active on their devices.Below we’ve also collected some Easter marketing ideas for retail stores to create a more omnichannel and coherent Easter marketing strategy.Springtime is a fun time filled with new beginnings. Combine this tack with an upselling pop up in your eCommerce site and also see your online Average Order Value skyrocket.Use Local Social Media Marketing to increase awareness:  Local Facebook & Instagram ads can help you spread the word of your Easter marketing campaign (Perfect mix = remarketing & customer acquisition ads).

The brand’s of turning over new fashion to the marketplace allows Zara eCommerce to churn out new content and attracts shoppers who are looking for the latest upcoming fashion trends. The future belongs to the marketers who are doers — those who hop to it and get their eggs in a row before Easter is upon us.Get practical tips and insights on growing your eCommerce sales.ContactPigeon is the ultimate analytics and marketing automation platform. Thrift Town took another approach to encourage people to shop for secondhand goods for their Easter purchases. So don’t underestimate this tactic in 2020.Include an Easter Freebie to every order (online & offline): Everybody loves Stickers! And, don’t forget to add gifs and Tip: Plan ahead of time so you can run a pre-sale drip campaign.

Here are some Easter marketing slogans to get you hopping in the right direction with your Easter marketing plan:Slogan #4: Get hoppin’!

5 Marketing Ideas for the Easter Holidays. At the moment, there are many countries where you can only buy/sell online because of quarantine laws.