One of the greatest pieces of animation ever. In FLCL’s case, it isn’t that I think the animation or story were bad, per say, they just didn’t fit my personal tastes at all. But as I stated, at the heart of it all is a coming of age story, and while it was quite revolutionary (and definitely the best) at the time, in over a decade since, other people have pulled it off in cleaner and better ways. But, I can still see it for what it is: a great piece of work, so I have to adjust my scores accordingly and not simply rate low based on my own preference.

She is very energetic, does what she wants and is random, could be infected with rabies? Meanwhile, Jinyu and Raharu scheme to go up to the plant in her Bel Aire.Crazy things happen during Hidomi's NO activation, and she is now left with a cheerful and happy personality, which is the total opposite of her real self. Voice actors were good, but I really thought Haruka’s nasal whine was very annoying. There are parts where the characters are near featureless, but that fits in with the story. The other characters feature less and aren't essential enough to be a main character.

It's really good rock music and it even made me get the soundtrack. But they are definitely well done. Create lists for what you've seen & read, watch over 40,000 legal streaming episodes online, and meet As soon as she appears, mysterious things start happening. Raharu tells the class that she's happily married and now pregnant. " what a large guitar you have..." Maybe. Since you may even find it boring Otherwise, if you've experience and maturity under your belt, then sit back and enjoy the ride. Anime, like literature, movies, and so on, makes repeated use of archetypes. In the end, it is a carefully told coming of age story, but beyond that it is a delve into human nature with some philosophical undertones. There are parts where there are obvious mockeries of other works (The Matrix, South Park, etc), but again, that fits the story. And I think that was my largest problem with the animation style on a personal level: the inconsistency. And despite what may appear to be, there is no romance. There are parts where the format is just scrolling through a manga book, but that fits the story. As for the voice acting, there is an English dub and even a French dub, in addition to the usual Japanese audio.

Unfortunately the older brother is never seen. That opens the door to possibly world-endangering stuff that is not easy for a small boy to handle.Depressed, Kana flips over the collection of photos she took with her besties.
And the awesome rock music of course.

Now of course it might not make any sense if one hasn't watched all 6 episodes but, boy it does at the end.

FLCL is one of the defining pieces of art whose influences last until today. Select the sources you want displayed in the episode guide. Animation It seems they got a rock band to do all the music and while rock is my favourite genre, having one type of music, especially rock in this case, is not good enough to have perfect sound.
It was a solid conclusion IMO and explains what happens to all of the characters. The second, things start coming together and details you haven't picked up on suddenly start making sense. Yes he never talks, but he is very considerate, doing the housework and being the maid. Absolutely. No. His brother has left for America, and the girlfriend he left behind (Mamimi) hangs all over him now, causing quite a bit of awkwardness for a boy that is just a child. We've seen these characters done before, and done again since. Perfection... upon multiple vieweings. But with something in this kind of a niche, I have to review it from a slightly non-biased perspective as well, and recognize that for the type of series this is, it would appeal to others. FLCL is NOT something to watch if you want a cut and dry story, or even a confusing story that eventually makes sense. Among the other characters is Naota's dad who also seems to be constantly high, though there is a reason for it, a rather grim and morbid one. On the surface it may be seen as an ahead of its time "lolrandom" coming of age story, but that is not what it really is. Probably. If I had to rate it based on my overall enjoyment, it would be around 5.5 or 6. Oh, we've seen them since many times. This makes a distinct sense the more you watch it, as the art and story are carefully crafted to pack more information in every scene than should be possible. It's a refined taste like Whiskey, hence why it is a Seinen.

I will admit, though, that for the type of show this was trying to be, the "plot" (if you want to call it that) shined. But bear in mind, you’ll either love this or hate it. This is the go-to of how to make a soundtrack alive. One of the most prominent things to note about is that the movement itself, like the "plot", is quite spastic and random. CharactersThe character development and interaction in FLCL is admittedly the whole point of the entire OVA, but it suffers the same formula as the story: you have to watch it a few times and pick up on subtleties to really understand what’s going on. Did it get any better? Haruko's nasal voice, gangly physique, and predatory grins match add up to a roguish charm. Brace yourself for the insanity and wonder that is FLCL.

Whining rock rifts dominate the entire series, with English vocals at times, and a whiny flair similar to Weezer or bands of that era. Again, that makes sense and the ending, while some may not like it, I did. I didn’t enjoy the animation very much, but again, if this is the kind of series you are looking for, I can’t in good conscience subtract points for how well the animation style DID fit the OVA as a whole. Most of all, it is funny, it is moving, it is angry, it is beautiful, and most of all, it is anarchy personified. And boy did it show.

Upon discovering her working towards a fashion contest, Kana feels the urge to help her, which rubs her the wrong way.One morning, Kana and her besties witness Hijiri kissing college student Toshio inside his car. Watch FLCL Add to Watchlist In this anime series, a 12-year-old boy finds himself having to deal with all kinds of weirdness when an accident opens up a portal through which giant robots sometimes emerge.

You can also stream, download, buy, rent FLCL on demand at Amazon, Hulu, Vudu, Microsoft Movies & TV, Google Play, iTunes, Adult Swim online. The voice just didn't suit at all, no offence to gals who do VO for male characters.