Approved Running time 20m 43s . I was laughing hysterically, and I had my headphones on so my roommate didn't know what was going on.The commentary for 'A Pharoh To Remember' is particuarly cool... makes the episode seem a lot better.I liked the Mars University commentary. I'm not voting!

I don't like when they have "new" people doing them and feel obligated to talk about whatever that person does. John DiMaggio: Bep Bop Da boo bop ba be bop bam! These were often very expensive compared to today's DVDs and included bonus material such as trailers, deleted scenes, production stills, behind-the-scenes information, and audio commentaries from the The first ever audio commentary was featured on the Criterion Collection release of the original The decline of the laserdisc format and the increasing popularity of DVD was highlighted in the fall of 1997, when simultaneous laserdisc and DVD editions of the movie The idea of downloadable commentary tracks has since been co-opted by TV show creators themselves, as creators of TV shows such as the 2004 DVD commentaries have been parodied by a number of people. Admittedly DXC did call it "Can't Get Enough Amy Wong", but his intent was clear!

Genre(s) Additional Production Material Director(s) Stephen Sandoval Cast includes Billy West (voice), Katey Sagal (voice), John DiMaggio (voice), Tress MacNeille (voice) Before his moment of discomfort, the Professor requests a hug from Igner. My favorite so far is the commentary for "Brannigan Begin Again," if only for the part where John DiMaggio catcalls like some Jerry Springer audience member David X. Cohen. The opening subtitle of the DVD and the first part of the broadcast version is "The flames in your TV are not part of the show". I only have the season one DVDs, but so far I like Billy West and John DiMaggio's commentary the best.

21:41. I assume the mention in The Series Has Landed is the one regarding the blueprints of the Planet Express Ship, right?^ The mention in 'Buggalo' was for ANSTATMAW when they were talking about Amy's fan following.

I never found the Snooty House people falling off their boat funny until I heard David X. Cohen say "Hehe, it's motivated by nothing." Includes Futurama episode reviews, polls, chat and more.

That guy is amazing. Audio commentaries are located on separate 'audio tracks' on the DVD.

My favourite part is when they do things with character voices. I want to vote for John DiMaggio, Billy West and David Cohen as all of their contributions to the commentaries are fantastic. The two main types simply define the length of the commentary rather than the type of content. 21:46. The value of audio commentaries as a marketing tool was revealed during the heyday of laserdisc, the laser-based video format produced before the introduction of DVDs.

Futurama este un sitcom animat american, premiat cu Emmy, creat de Matt Groening și dezvoltat de către Matt Groening și David X. Cohen pentru rețeaua Fox.Serialul este bazat pe aventurile unui fost curier de pizza din New York, Philip J. Fry, care a fost criogenat din întâmplare la miezul nopții de 1 ianuarie 2000, și resuscitat o mie de ani mai târziu în viitor. The Futurama Madhouse Russian Infosphere All My Futurama - Something About Leela This page was last edited on 15 September 2013, at 16:09. Dammit! I can't comment on many of them because I only own the DVD set for season 2  Yes!

I just love the commentaries... they're half of the DVDs themselves  Ah, the memories...  Oh, and you forgot DXC's pointing out of "good science" on the show.^^^ Hey, someone mentioned DVD Review! The actors for these characters are otherwise unlisted in the ending credits. Approved Running time 20m 43s .

Futurama Audio Commentary S01E02 - The Series Has Landed by thisisnotadrill. They are: De exemplu, deși episodul pilot sugerează că echipajul anterior al navei Planet Express a fost omorât de viespi spațiale, episodul „Religia este o componentă semnificativă a societății, religiile dominante de astăzi suferind modificări. A single DVD disc can have several of these that can be selected by the viewer from the main menu of the DVD or by pressing a designated button on the remote. David X Cohen is the man, his attention to detail is amazing....He is a nerd but u gotta love him for it....!Rise, topic! O unificare a principalelor grupuri religioase ale secolului al XX-lea a avut ca rezultat apariția Primei Biserici Amalgamate,Pământul are un guvern unit, condus de Președintele Pământului, care, începând cu sezonul 2, este capul lui Există trei alfabete alternative ce apar adesea în fundalul episoadelor, sub formă de Câteva expresii din engleză au evoluat. The cartoon on the Jumbotron is The DVD features an Audio Commentary, Storyboard Animatic, Futurama Genetics Lab, The Blu-ray also exclusively features Picture-in-Picture video footage of the commentary. I love the beat-box thing they do together.they do the entire "A Pharaoh To Remember" commentary as Bender and Fry. O tehnologie ce permite păstrarea capetelor umane în viață în borcane a fost inventată de Încă mai există animale din ziua de astăzi, dar împreună cu alte animale extraterestre, mutante, mixte (uneori chiar corcite cu oameni).

Other types of commentaries include: