Phil Henderson’s stunner over Alonzo Mourning. 6-keys: media/spln/nba/reg/free/stories Dante Jones’s pushups after his massive dunk over Virginia.Those are all contenders, but so is this one: the alley-oop that Bobby Hurley threw to Grant Hill. A seven-time NBA All-Star, Grant Hill is certainly a household name across the country. CBS Sports is a registered trademark of CBS Broadcasting Inc. is a registered trademark of CBS Interactive Inc. It was all going really well until he started making Hill look more like Dennis Rodman.There was also a follow-up commercial in which Hill is trying to get rescued from the camp but ultimately has to meet George "The Animal" Steele for another exercise in losing how nice he is.

It's still only Grant Hill.

This is just some spectacular basketball on all counts.Sadly and as we all know, Hill ended up having horrendous ankle issues that robbed him of his prime years in the NBA and kept him from creating one of the most formidable duos in NBA history with Tracy McGrady in Orlando.

Hill's crossover on Dan Majerle to get free from the perimeter and be able to attack the basket is dirty.

Iverson's third game netted him 24 points, seven rebounds, and three steals. Jordan drops 52 points and 2 facial dunks on Alonzo Mourning & The Hornets - … It was a near mirror image of Grant Hill's dunk on a pass from Brian Davis, also over the Yellow Jackets, from his storied career with the Blue Devils' program in the early 1990's. By It was the fast food chain putting two of the most popular players in NBA history into an inventive game of H-O-R-S-E for a meal that could be found at nearly any corner for about $5 at the time.

There were two highlights that I can't get enough of from this game.The first was the move Iverson put on Grant Long during a fast break. Here is one of themThere is a lot of traveling, but this horse's hitching post game is pretty fundamental and effective. From the 1994-95 season to the 1999-00 campaign, there was one player in the league who averaged at least 21 points, seven rebounds, and six assists over the course of the entirety of those six seasons.

It's something we had seen before with guys like Pete Maravich and it's a move we've seen since with Jason Williams and The second was the move Hill put on the Sixers' defense near the end of the game when he went with the between-the-legs, spin move, and two-handed dunk to just completely dominate the defense. It was Hill.

Four choices: Zion's 360, Jayson Tatum's 2017 poster-worthy flush over UNC's Kennedy Meeks in Cameron Indoor Stadium, Dahntay Jones' 2003 poster-worthy flush over Nick VanderLaan at Virginia, and Grant Hill's alley-oop dunk off a Bobby Hurley lob during the 1991 title game in Indianapolis.
of muscle on him and didn't talk trash while he backed away. 4:10. Duke Basketball Report

The FILA commercials with Bill Laimbeer trying to teach Hill how to be a mean player were pretty good, and maybe that's what got him to that moment with Zo.

This was one of those moments that put that thought process to bed.