The windfall elimination provision, or WEP, is one of two key provisions that can affect your annuity or Social Security Benefit – another is the Government Pension Offset.And if you continue working after beginning to draw Social Security benefits you also may be affected by the Earnings Test. Learn what you need to know about the Windfall Elimination Provision.

The provider’s terms, conditions and policies apply. In these situations, when a lump-sum distribution is taken, the Social Security technician will use a So while a lump-sum distribution may curtail the WEP penalty by reducing the length of time to which the penalty is applied to the Social Security benefit (generally, from when Social Security begins until their Social-Security-table-estimated life expectancy), it does not help a client avoid the penalty completely.However, the implicit conversion of a pension lump sum back to a pension only applies if someone was eligible for the pension in the first place. Alternatively, what if a client waits until beyond their full retirement age to file and earns delayed retirement credits; will their penalty amount increase, too?If Sue files for her benefits at age 66, her benefit is $1,000 after the reduction for WEP. Please return to to learn more about other benefits.You are leaving and going to the website of our trusted provider. This means that a lump-sum amount taken from the plan will be calculated as if the client took it in a series of payments like a pension, similar to how a lump sum taken from a pension plan itself is still treated as a pension as well.An article on the complexities of Social Security for those with non-covered pension plans (most commonly, educators for various state and local municipalities) wouldn’t be complete without a mention of those who work in higher education – specifically, those employees of community colleges and universities who are given the choice between a Teacher’s Retirement System and an Optional Retirement Plan (ORP), both of which may be subject to WEP.While Optional Retirement Plans vary on a state-by-state basis, they essentially allow certain higher education employees to opt out of the Teachers Retirement System in favor of a retirement plan that allows them to make their own contributions and receive a match from their employer. In this case, the most the WEP penalty could be is half of that amount, or $375.Ultimately, the key point here is that a clear understanding of how the WEP penalty and pension guarantee rules work can save clients from losing out on Social Security benefits, which is especially relevant when clients have income consisting of ‘mixed earnings’ from covered and non-covered jobs.Many government employers offer supplemental retirement plans in addition to their pension plan. The Windfall Elimination Provision will not reduce your Social Security benefit by more than half of your pension for post-1956 earnings on which you didn't pay Social Security tax. If the value of the pension is withdrawn as a lump sum After working as a teacher for five years, Stacey decides to switch careers and leaves the school district before she ever becomes eligible to receive pension benefits. By reducing the replacement rate in the benefit formula, which results in a lower PIA. Please return to to learn more about other benefits.You are leaving and going to the website of our trusted provider.

En español | Q: As a former teacher, I receive a pension from a school system that did not withhold Social Security taxes from my pay. After all, in just about every reference to these rules, the Social Security Administration says that the rules apply to individuals with a pension from work where no Social Security taxes were paid. Or viewed another way, the good news, at least, is that if Sue retires early and her benefit is reduced accordingly, so too is the magnitude of the WEP reduction.And how would Sue’s benefit be affected if she decided to retire later?If Sue were not subject to the WEP, and filed for benefits at 70, her benefit would be $1,463 + ($1,463 x 32%) = $1,931.