The short comb over is a safe option that looks good on most heads. For those with hard to manage hair or those who simply want to portray a more polished aesthetic. We love this slightly unusual take on the style, and it’s a great way for anyone to make this popular cut their … As a trendy short haircut for men, the traditional variation warrants a tapered cut on the back and sides, usually accomplished with sheers. The buzzed hair begins its fade above the ears resulting in a style that, though bold, works with your length on top. But since the likes of Hamm, Timberlake, and Clooney began wearing it, the comb over has been revived and reinvented for a modern aesthetic. This modern interpretation of the comb oversees a hard feature line accentuating where your hair parts.

While the comb over provides a polished and gentlemanly appearance, the beard adds a rugged and masculine touch. To rock the look in the office, just opt for a Although a comb over is a classical style, it needn’t be boring. You’ll need wax or pomade for layers and shaping.When you have a quality product, it is easy to style a comb-over with long hair!To begin, you will require a comb and some product – perhaps wax, pomade, or putty.

How small you cut the sides depends on whether you need an undercut undercut comb over fade or skin fade comb-over. If you have thin hair, use a fine-tooth comb for optimal control. To achieve the look, just be sure to visit an experienced barber.Not all comb over hairstyles must be smooth and sleek. This produces an impressive texture contrast.The fade haircut permits men to customize the cut for the sake of accommodating their own styles. With less room for tapering, the Born to be worn with a suit, the short comb over is a take on this style. ABOUT US.

Comb Over with Shaved Sides.

The taper comb over haircut is a short men’s cut which features a side parting where the hair is ‘combed over’ to one side, paired with a modern tapered fade for added shape.

Versatile and classic, this long comb over hairstyle is a popular choice. For an edgy look, try a skin or razor high fade; it adds a sense of rebellion to an otherwise classic hairstyle approach. Source.

These days, some men are going with the comb-over with shaved sides as part of a “long top, short hair” look.Likewise, a barber can shave a solid hard part into your scalp, producing a side part that is more pronounced. For the best examples of the comb over taper on different hair types, just keep scrolling… The feature adding a sense of asymmetry while drawing the eyes along your hairline to see what else is going on up there.Wanting to bring some volume into an otherwise fairly flat equation? The fade comb over consists of base, mid, or long faded hair on the sides with more profuse hair on top, which is then combed over as a side part, slick back, or textured style. For a more youthful interpretation of this Subscribe to our mailing list and get interesting stuff and updates to your email inbox.We respect your privacy and take protecting it seriouslyGet all the latest must-read content direct to your inbox each week!We respect your privacy and take protecting it seriously

This maintains the progression between the top and sides, with sheer-cut sides of approximately 1.5 inches long gradually tapering in the neck’s direction.The style comes across as a 1950’s haircut for gentlemen, but without the class and sophistication. 29 Comb Over With Mini Fade. Comb Over High Fade. For something in between, That there are several kinds of fades. 4.

The Curly-haired brethren needn’t feel that they have to miss out on all the combing over fun.
And for styling you only need to comb over the long locks over the … The long comb over can be styled with anything more than 4 inches on top.
From workwear-worthy cuts to more relaxed, casual styles, it’s the haircut that doesn’t stop giving.

Men can consult their barber for a bald or skin fade that directly merges with the skin, or perhaps a shave-side razor fade. These directions simplify the process for you and make your comb-over look sleek and neat.Follow these instructions for a comb-over and hair part :Don’t forget, side part styling might warrant some practice initially, but with the proper product and approach, those new to the cut can perform the comb-over as efficiently as a barber.Figuring out a few aspects prior to visiting your barber will ensure that your directions are understood and that the cut you get is the one you wanted.The men’s comb over has several variations. For instance, a high fade is a bolder appearance, while a low fade is subtle and only warrants work around the edges of your ears and neck.