I guess it wasn’t his fault nor was he stupid.And Kareem Mano’s family had a GoFundMe for their poor dead thug.If I were the DA, I’d make the trumped up murder charge go away in exchange for a straight-up plea on the robbery charge. The Type 11 came into active service in 1922, and some 29,000 were produced by the time production stopped in 1941.

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It’s just not very accurate.Admittedly, if you want to turn money into noise, load up a 50-round stick magazine and go to town. White pants, Hawaiian shirt, gold chain…Inherited a open bolt cobray from my father. The problem is it’s a blowback gun with a massive bolt.That bolt travels rearward and causes a lot of muzzle flip and recoil.This gun hasn’t proven to be that reliable with Zytel Cobray magazines. The guns got a bad reputation from a few high profile uses by criminals. So I sold the Uzi on GB, bought an MPX, and pocketed $1300.00. Versand (Für diesen Artikel ist ein Alternachweis notwendig!) Hopuptype: Adjustable Hop Up Weight: 1320 grams Length: 253/450 mm Pipelength: 132 mm Velocity: 93(305) m/s (fps) Capacity: … The M11 just had constant feeding problems, problems with actually cracking the cheap Zytel magazines it came with, and it even coughed out a two or three round bursts on occasion. To each his own I say.If your lucky enough to be able to afford one of these gems you can get a lage manufacturing upper that turns it into a very reliable accurate fun gun to shoot.

These are nothing like the original M10/M11s which were decent handling suppressed bullet hoses not semi auto pistols with 2lbs hanging out behind the grip.

Its fun to hold but only for like 2 min because its the weight of a cinder blockThe Uzi carbine is a member of that class too. The cut you made to the trigger will not change its operation as long as you now utilize the safe-fire switch as designed (180 degrees).Never had a problem with mine, runs like a champ. Because despite its general uselessness, guns like it and the The M11/9 came in both pistol and SMG variants.

Squeeze the trigger, it fires. The M11/9 came in both pistol and SMG variants.

I sold quite a few to customers, and even owned one for a while, but the thing was a joke.You gotta dress the part when shooting those though.
I recall my introduction to the SMG version being 1974 in McQ with John Wayne.Money better spent on ammo for me .25acp Phoenix Arms and RIA .45acp. This is a Ruger AC-556 Transferable Machine Gun, Transferable Machine guns can be o… Vickers Machine Gun 8mm. The carbine had bad trigger slap until I swapped-out the internal parts, though.Are we sure that John used a Mac 10 in.Are we sure that John used a Mac 10 in .45?Gonna have to agree with the anti-gunners that it’s ugly.They were/are range toys that looked cooler than they performed.Worse still is the Mac10. And as for cleaning all of that mess out; hose it all down with brake cleaner after you’re done and give it a good whipe down. Who says firearms aren’t a good investment? This includes original MAC-10s and Cobray copies.The gun and its menacing appearance seemed to provoke ire from the anti-gunners because of those high profile incidents. However, the ATF was able to put the kibosh on that pretty quickly.

It is chambered in either .45 ACP or 9mm.A two-stage suppressor by Sionics was designed for the MAC-10, which not only abates the noise created, but …
The There is often a piece of rubber tubing placed over the triggers on these guns to reduce the pain. It’s a pity… I like the design, it just never worked right.And as a side note, I heard these babies tend to work way better if they’re run ‘wet’. The Mac-10 was supposedly designed to be a tanker weapon, but it didn’t sell.The Mac and Cobray variants generated quite a bit of interest in the early-mid ’80s from people who didn’t understand what a handgun was supposed to be for, and just went with the “Coolness” factor. Both of which are absolutely reliable.Modern CNC internal parts and aftermarket accessories actually turn the M11/9 into a smooth-shooting and reliable pistol. It is a piece of junk, and I’ll probably get around to selling it one of these days.Poor redesign to accommodate a closed bolt function. Bitte beachten Sie unsere That takes money, though.