The spiritual warrior knows there will be obstacles on the journey, but when those occur, self-discipline keeps you keeping on when others are content to quit.

Patience is the calm acceptance that not everything happens according to The spiritual warrior doesn’t act needy. in Portuguese

Their character-building terrain was hallowed as a testing ground for warriors. In this context, however, sweetness refers to impeccability in word and action.

Deep down you know that the enlightenment you seek is worth enduring the temporary discomfort of the journey.Next, the spiritual warrior possesses discipline. in Chinese (Traditional) in Chinese (Simplified)

Indra: A Vedic deity in Hinduism, a guardian deity in Buddhism.A god of lightning, thunder, storms and else. From the Traditionally, males filled the role of a warrior.

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Your sense of self-importance can slow spiritual progress and obscure your understanding of who you really are.

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Discover your Dosha in seconds and get on the path to better health. The spiritual warrior fights against the self-delusion, Instead, you recognize that a bigger picture is unfolding; in the absence of a broader perspective, you can’t always know what action to take. Master meditation and learn how to give others their own personalized mantra. Get certified. A warrior is capable of making moral judgments and acting accordingly.

A lively dance of warriors proves more to his liking, but he requests something of a sweeter nature. Any opinions in the examples do not represent the opinion of the Cambridge Dictionary editors or of Cambridge University Press or its licensors.

The warriors trooped out in two files and stood on both sides of the steps.

in Indonesian The spiritual warrior understands that ignorance is a tenacious adversary that requires daily and consistent attentiveness so as to not let it take you by surprise.Relentlessness also means ruthlessly slaying the 1,000-headed dragon of self-importance. The word in the example sentence does not match the entry word. in Arabic bojovník, -ice, bojovný… What attributes or states of mind are necessary to become warriors of light?A spiritual warrior has courage.


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It’s important to note that such discipline comes not from some outside authority, rather the spiritual warrior forges in the fire of your will.