Looking for more material? Spread the Love Around - From Sister Act The Musical. While it is a beautiful song and really shows off your range, it’s incredibly difficult to sight-read on piano (it’s got a lot of accidentals) and if you’re bringing sheet music to the audition, there’s a good chance that the piano player may not play it well. Songs from Grease and songs by Abba are just as hard to get permission to use and it’s probably not even worth the enquiry, just give them a wide berth. I would also like to show off my belting range, going up to a top E if possible. Thank you for your submission. 6. This group exists because I wanted a place for all of us to come together and celebrate our love for live theatre, and the community that’s forming warms my heart.

You have successfully purchased store credit. Donna and Dina are the rock act in the club. (Though this song is usually sung by the piano player playing the musical, it’s a great audition piece for a solo vocalist. SONGS SUITABLE FOR ACT 1 OPENING. While Sandy focuses on the romance aspects of their fling, Danny concentrates on the physical relationship.Clara, a young mother, sings a lullaby to her baby while the working men prepare for a game of craps.The young people gather together after the suicide of their friend and the death of another to proclaim that the seeds of a newer, more progressive generation are being planted.Cathy describes her disappointing life in Ohio as she’s surrounded by her eccentric colleagues.After Guinevere and Lancelot fall in love, Guinevere decides to end their relationship. All Rights Reserved. These summery songs are ripe for performing for your next audition or themed summer party (where you and your friends sing the night away). Magic Day is celebrated annually on October 31. I would recommend “In short” from ‘Edges’ if your looking for a more comedic role. Doug is very unconventional and has an assistant named Cal. The Theatre Nerds group is the best group around, and I know this for a fact.

Here are some of the best examples, from classic to contemporary. In 2001, a filmed performance staged especially for the cameras in 1980, directed by I am 16 and looking for a song for a presentation at my musical theatre class. Check out our other stories below!Guys: 25 MORE Wow-Able Solos From Broadway’s Golden AgeLadies: 25 MORE Wow-Able Solos From Broadway’s Golden Age10 Monologues from Male Characters: Fathers, Brothers, and Sons10 Great Monologues from LGBTQ-Identifying Characters10 Monologues for Characters Who Have Theatre on the Brain10 Male Monologues from Characters Dealing With DeathLadies: 25 Wow-Able Solos from Broadway’s Golden Age Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic – The Police Released in 1981 Genre – Rock. After a sold-out night in July, A Little New Music returns to share the latest and greatest musical theatre songs on the scene. Grab a copy of the sheet music from Performer Stuff while you’re at it! During this holiday season, the struggle might be real, but the music is magic. Magic to … Check out this comprehensive list of songs from musicals and the sopranos. 7. The setting for the show is a seedy nightclub, the Top Hat, where an aging alcoholic magician, "Feldman the Magnificent," chews the scenery in his overly grand performance. 15 Musical Theatre Songs about Summer (With Sheet Music!) You are now subscribed to our More Good Stuff maling list. guaranteed, Here are some of theincluding music from several eras of musical theatre, so you can get out there and sing your heart out!On the high end of the male vocal range lies the tenor.Countless classics fall within this range, so there are plenty of great Carrying the low end and providing some of the most memorable musical theatre moments of all time, bass singers can belt out with these ten instant classics.When it comes to world-class musical theatre, nothing quite beats a duetA pair of voices can cover the entire vocal range and convey a captivating, dramatic tensionThere are so many good musical songs out there, but the list above includes songs that are appropriate to sing for contemporary musical theatre auditions today. It happened to me. You may receive a verification email. One of them dates the nephew of a big agent named Goldfarb. Sign up for convenient, affordable private lessons today!did anyone else notice that it said “I could have danced all night” is from The King and I? AN EVENING OF NEW MUSICAL THEATRE SONGS in partnership with ASCAP. The first part has a few high notes so I would only recommend it to sopranos and high altos.

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