I wanted to watch all the documentaries and, as I grew up a bit, also understand the socio-political climate the music was birthed from and how meaningful the music became and still is.”“This is going to sound like I was some sort of young savant, but I wasn’t (laughs). But then further down the line, those labels start to fade away and you start to see the music as Hip-Hop in its true context, y’know.“It happened in 2018. A video circulated from the Glastonbury performance and Sheffield’s then-to-be Lord Mayor discovered it and I think he did a bit of research into my work. I guess I was referring to this feeling of what I would call crippling nostalgia and a rose-tinted reminiscence. We had two Technics turntables in the house, and as a child I think I just soaked it in, although I was never consciously interested in Hip-Hop too heavily at that young age.

That in itself made it easy when I wanted to discover more about it. Limited Edition 12" Vinyl Hillyard's (1993) study of Irish people's experience of the 1974 Prevention of Terrorism (Temporary Provisions) Act (and subsequent amendments) introduced the notion of a ‘suspect community’ to capture the devastating impact of the legislation. What I’ve found is that I’m always trying to push my creativity first in the sense that I’m always trying to share a piece of art before giving people the chance to label it. I think being so engaged with it as an artform, and seeing how it had impacted my life and how I all of a sudden felt this surge of unification, in many ways I was able to build my identity around Hip-Hop. So in many ways it was a political choice, but also I think he saw that I was doing something different in the city artisitically, y’know.”“I had quarrels with myself and my partner about whether to even put that in the press release (laughs). I couldn’t see myself represented in those novels, you know. I want to encourage collaboration. So it was a means to celebrate Sheffield and also I think break down the barriers of tradition that had been put in place. Despite the then Labour Home Secretary, Roy Jenkins, describing the powers as draconian (Hillyard 1993: 4), the PTA was passed without any dissenting voices in Parliament just one week after the IRA Birmingham Pub bombings, which had killed 21 people and inj…

At no moment in this astonishing "search for Slavic melancholy" do EABS consent to gently weep.

I guess it’s polarising and you’re either going to want to hear more or you’re going to run in the opposite direction. I think at some point I drifted away from writing because it was fun. ‘Old to the New’ is a sentimental journey through the culture that has started a new wave of artists – from graphic designers, painters, directors and dancers to electronic music producers. It sounds like this guy who was on that Gorillaz song.’ My dad was like, ‘Yeah, that’s because it’s Del The Funky Hompsapien!’ So all these little connections were made for me and as those connections were made and I fell in love with the music of Hip-Hop, I also fell in love with the culture and wanted to understand the history of it all.

To me it’s so inspiring.

Also, I created these songs as a pre-cursor to my debut album which I’ve already finished with The Intern.”“He definitely does not know that I exist (laughs). But at some point, whilst I appreciate grime and everything it means to the UK and everything it has become, I think for me at the time as a teenager, I felt there was a vulnerability lacking in the music. I felt hungry again, y’know.”“I think people’s attention spans have changed and I’m definitely not judging when I say that because I also look at how my own attention span has changed.