On the Western frontier, the Pink Panther is a traveling vendor of pep pills. A talking Pink Panther is the owner of a diamond mine and has unearthed a large gem, but a dastardly pair of rival miners take the diamond and ineptly try to eliminate the panther. 42: 6: G.I. The Pink Panther joins the U.S. Army and goes to boot camp, where he unwittingly causes no end of trouble for a short, pointy-nosed drill Sergeant.

In this cartoon Pinky is ambling along the street when he spots a construction site and fancies himself as a laborer. Insulate your garage to reduce energy bills and protect your garage against harsh outdoor temperatures The Pink Panther buys a land lot atop a narrow mesa, and the house he builds blocks a nearby observatory's view of the Moon. The Pink Panther is reading an old letter, sent to him by his old friend Loudmouth Louie; he writes about their past adventures. Building the Perfect Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder - Duration: 21:40. Find Our Products. We’re proud to say our products can be found in some of the tallest and safest buildings around the globe, like SalesForce Tower. An English voice talks to the Pink Panther, who is reading a book about secret agents, and suggests to the panther that he become an agent.

a list of 124 titles The Pink Panther is in his apartment, gift-wrapping a basketball.

The Pink Panther opens a corn vending stand adjacent to his vast corn field, which is invaded by a tenacious pair of crows who begin devouring the panther's corn. Pink turns his hand to building motorcycles. The Pink Panther and Little Man butt heads at building a house of their choice. The short, pointy-nosed man is Tarzan, feared King of the Jungle but henpecked husband of Jane at home.

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Intrigued at this idea, the Pink Panther dons a ...
The Pink Panther spends a quarter he finds on the street on a quick lunch. His first disaster is slamming the door by ruining a paint worker's plaster work as the plaster liquefies because of the slam.

Looking for a place to dispose of trash, the panther removes hot rivets from a bucket and pours them into a man's hat; when the man puts the hat on, he experiences scorching pain, and the rivets burn a hole in the wood under him, which he falls through. The Pink Panther flees the enraged construction workers. Formaldehyde Free (4) ... Project Panels FOAMULAR 1 in.

The Pink Panther feeds peanuts to an elephant at a zoo, and the elephant follows him out of the zoo and into the surrounding city. A diminutive, pointy-nosed naturalist goes to a national park to photograph the flora and fauna and refuses to donate a small sum of money to a worthy cause: the welfare of the park's ... A short, pointy-nosed steward, assigned to cater to the singer's comfort, discovers ...

The panther is an eager wanna-be instructor who forces his services on the short, pointy-nosed man. A very resistant bug won't let Pink Panther go to sleep.

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Smarter. The Pink Panther buys a land lot atop a narrow mesa, and the house he builds blocks a nearby observatory's view of the Moon.

Without an interview, skills, or a clue what he is doing Pinky invades the site and starts doing stuff, much to annoyance of the foreman who can't seem to nail him down and scold him.Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Pink: Hawley Pratt: May 1, 1968 () The Pink Panther joins the Army and angers his sergeant (the Little Man) with his usual antics. The Pink Panther is admitted to hospital after he falls on the street by slipping on his own banana peel. Another battle of the paintbrush between the Pink Panther and a diminutive painter, who this time is Leonardo Da Vinci, painting his masterpiece, the Mona Lisa. The Pink Panther is determined to complete his journey to Anaheim, which is 1250 miles away!

The Pink Panther joins the U.S. Army and goes to boot camp, where he unwittingly causes no end of trouble for a short, pointy-nosed drill Sergeant. In the hope of recreating Noah's Ark, an eccentric man builds an ark and fills it with specimens of all animals - except for a pink panther, which he sets out to hunt. When an evil knight kidnaps the king's daughter and takes her to his castle, the panther volunteers to retrieve her. The Pink Panther thinks he is doing the right thing returning a horse shoe to a robber who gets bad luck when he is around it. 92 shorts were released theatrically, and eventually the first 62 entries appeared on Saturday mornings via "The Pink Panther Show" under the same umbrella title starting in 1969 on NBC. The Pink Panther comes in contact with a coin-operated talking weight and fortune machine which suggests that he bring it home with him on the basis of it being a valuable asset - it doesn't go so well. The Pink Panther's winter quarters, a log cabin, is besieged by a termite, which the panther tries unsuccessfully to stop with glue, a rifle, an axe, and insecticide. Use the HTML below. A magician drives past, and his hat falls onto the road. The Pink Panther joins the crew at a building site, where his inexperience causes a series of disasters.

By slamming a door, he repeatedly ruins a little man's wall-plaster work as the ... He tries hitchhiking, but no cars stop for him. All Rights Reserved. The Pink Panther is chronically late for work due to over sleeping. Commercial & Industrial: Owens … To avoid being captured by the father and the two kids, he disguises himself as a toy. Use of this site is subject to certain Local store prices may vary from those displayed.

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