Property is Theft! There’s no way to look at a car and know whether it has a Lojack installed. Because under socialism, the MORE capability you have and exhibit, the more you are punished.

It has nothing to do with how much you own or whether you care to own anything at all. Devices like alarm systems and the “Club” have a social upside: Their proliferation might make car theft so unprofitable that potential thieves would decide to seek more useful employment (though, on the other hand, it’s possible that they’ll seek employment as, say, arsonists or killers for hire). Join Slate Plus to continue reading, and you’ll get unlimited access to all our work—and support Slate’s independent journalism. And they take care of themselves. Introduction: General Idea of the Revolution in the 21st Century “Workers, labourers, men of the people, whoever you may be, the initiative of reform is yours. From a social viewpoint, if the total number of thefts does not change, then the expenditure on alarm systems is pure waste.For a much lower cost, you can install “fake” self-protection–say, a little blinking red light that looks like it’s attached to an alarm system, or a cheap piece of foam rubber that looks from a distance like the heavy metal Club. Here again you’re imposing a cost on your neighbors: If these devices become common, the value of the real thing is diluted.That point was driven home to me the last time I shopped for a car. It’s about your liberty and freedom. But those same devices have a social downside: They encourage thieves to prey more heavily on those who haven’t bought one. Proudhon (1840), Qu'est-ce que la propriété ? Directed by Elio Petri. In the Con­f… You can cancel anytime. Marxists call it an act of theft merely to have more than another person — or to have what they consider “too much”. With Ugo Tognazzi, Flavio Bucci, Daria Nicolodi, Mario Scaccia. Property Is Theft When protecting your own property is stealing from others. So unlike, say, the Club, a Lojack will never prevent any particular car from being stolen; it will only increase the chance of its being recovered. "Property is theft," comes from the original French, "la propri t , c'est le vol!" Economists Ian Ayres and Steven Levitt have examined the effects of the Lojack in about a dozen cities over the past 10 years (its first introduction was in Boston in 1986). Are they moving to other cities, or are they becoming house burglars, or are they turning into socially useful citizens? This quote is from French anarchist Pierre-Joseph Proudhon. AOC thinks she’s unbelievably cool, and something new — but the concept is as old as the hills.Property isn’t theft UNLESS you stole something. America as we know it will not be recognizable under socialism. Proud­hon was clear that his op­po­si­tion to prop­erty did not ex­tend to ex­clu­sive pos­ses­sion of la­bor-made wealth. We’re the generation that will either get it right, or lose it for everyone forever.

What’s happening to all those car thieves?

And you'll never see this message again. He decides to start a new life, as a thief. “All property is theft”. This thinking causes so much suffering, including in mentally troubled people, many of whom are riddled with envy and hopelessness. And the starvation, stagnation and despair that always follows. When you’re doing something that makes strangers better off, you should be encouraged to do more of it.If we all used the same insurance company, you might expect that company to supply the appropriate subsidy. Morally it’s yours — and legally, it should be.The twisted and distorted thinking underlying socialism is horrendous. It turns out that a 1 percent increase in Lojack sales can reduce auto-theft rates by 20 percent or more. May it show the importance of being bilingual!