Sarah was commended for her strategic control and social flexibility but criticized for manipulating personal relations for strategic gain, while Brad was lauded for his challenge prowess but condemned for his condescending attitude. On Nuku, Jeff and Sandra were outsiders for being the only original Mana members. Back at camp, Tai told Aubry he wanted to target Sarah, but Aubry relayed Tai's plan to Cirie, who later told Sarah. At Nuku, Cirie tried to recruit allies against Ozzy. Sarah found herself caught between Debbie's and Cirie's factions; at Tribal Council, Sarah sided with Debbie, who used her extra vote to ensure Ozzy's elimination. Ultimately, Cirie's plan won out and Hali was eliminated, becoming the first member of the jury. On Mana, lone men Brad and Troyzan bonded, and Brad pledged to bring Troyzan into his alliance with Sierra. Cirie told Ozzy and Andrea about Zeke’s betrayal, which infuriated Andrea. 2018 | CC. At Mana, Tai tried to convince his alliance to target Hali over Caleb, but Brad warned Tai that keeping Caleb in the game would only strengthen the perception of Caleb and Tai as a strong pair, making them larger targets come the merge. Zeke later made a long-term alliance with Brad and Troyzan. At Tavua, Sarah aligned with outsider Troyzan. As the game began, the 20 contestants were divided into two tribes, Mana and Nuku.

This is the fourth season to feature a full cast of returnees, after Survivor: All-Stars, Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains, and Survivor: Cambodia. Back at camp, she tried to rally her allies against Brad, but Andrea tried convincing Aubry to go against Sarah instead. This title has not yet been released. Back at camp, Sierra believed that Hali had a hidden immunity idol, and conspired to split the votes between her and Michaela. Debbie then joined the Nuku tribe. After the chaotic Tribal Council, Tai felt as if he had lost all his allies; in an attempt to regroup, he told Brad about his two hidden immunity idols. Sierra told Cirie that Zeke told her about their plans, which prompted Cirie to target Zeke. By the merge, they were at a severe numbers disadvantage, with a 9-4 deficit.

Aubry won the challenge in six minutes. and Malcolm won the challenge for Nuku, Brad and Tai placed second for Mana, while Ozzy and Troyzan lost for Tavua.

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Surviving Jeffrey Epstein 2020 Big Brother, Season 22 2020 … During their feast, they conspired to split the votes between Aubry and Tai in case of Tai's hidden immunity idols. As Cirie was the only player left without immunity, she was automatically eliminated despite receiving no votes against her.

After Tribal Council, Tony and Sandra — the tribe's only winners — discussed how no one else would let a former winner win this season, and agreed to align, forming an alliance with Aubry, Caleb and Malcolm. FREE Shipping by Amazon. The next night, the finalists and jurors convened for the final Tribal Council. Pre-order Price Guarantee. Andrea, Debbie, Ozzy, Tai, Troyzan and Zeke won the challenge.

However, Tony later overheard Sandra talking with Troyzan, and believed she was targeting him. While their tribemates feasted, Brad and Tai reconnected and affirmed their alliance, with Brad targeting Hali and Michaela, outsiders from the third Mana tribe. Tai later found a clue to the tribe's new hidden immunity idol. However, when the votes were read, the original Nuku tribe stayed loyal and sent Sandra out of the game, voting her out for the first time after 94 days of cumulative play over three seasons. Andrea, Aubry, Brad, Sarah and Zeke won the challenge. At Tribal Council, Sarah decided to flip on the majority alliance, joining the others in sending Debbie to the jury.

99. After Ozzy's elimination, Debbie planned to stay strong with her alliance with Brad, Sarah, Sierra, Tai, and Troyzan. The two later formed a pact with Sierra and Troyzan to align with Brad and target Andrea.

On the reward, Andrea campaigned against Zeke, while at camp, Cirie encouraged Sarah to flip on the majority alliance. Though her tribemates agreed with her points, they still planned to eliminate her that night. Zeke's hesitance caused Jeff to believe that Zeke and Ozzy had a secret alliance, which he exposed to the other tribe members, causing them to question their loyalties. Michaela was angry after finding out she was the decoy target, which caused some of her tribemates to reconsider their plans, but at Tribal Council, the tribe stayed united and voted Ciera out unanimously. In order to keep the two fighting, Sandra ate the rest of the sugar, causing J.T. At the Tavua camp, Ozzy continued to provide food for his tribe, while Troyzan was further outcast for losing the challenge. quietly told Brad that Nuku's target was Sierra, in hopes that it would allow the Mana tribe to save her with their hidden immunity idol and eliminate Sandra. After Debbie's elimination, Sarah admitted to flipping on Brad and Sierra's alliance, while the new majority alliance made Sierra their next target.

At camp, Mana targeted Ciera for her strategizing but told her the target was Michaela. Though she settled with Cirie and Andrea's group to decimate the other alliance, she later betrayed them to align with Brad and his last remaining ally, Troyzan; the three then used a series of immunities and advantages to secure the majority and reach the end of the game together.