!Every American born in one of the 50 States is a DUAL-CITIZEN! This education benefit, also known as "Chapter 30", provides Veterans who completed two years of active duty with up to 36 months of stipends that can be applied to education courses and on-the-job training certificates in addition to your GI Bill benefits.Similar to the MGIB for active duty Veterans, this education benefit is available to members of the Selected Reserve, including the Army Reserve, Navy Reserve, Air Force Reserve, Marine Corps Reserve and Coast Guard Reserve, and the Army National Guard and the Air National Guard.The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)–VA Supportive Housing (HUD-VASH) Program is a joint effort between HUD and VA to move Veterans and their families out of homelessness and into permanent housing.The VA provides servicemembers, Veterans and eligible surviving spouses with home loan guaranty benefit and other housing-related programs to help buy, build, repair, retain or adapt a home. She Was Born in Thailand. Resources

The Transition Assistance Program (TAP) is an initiative to provide comprehensive transition services to servicemembers preparing to exit the military. Private lenders, such as banks and mortgage companies, provide VA Home Loans. on International Human Rights Defense Act of 2019 - S. 861 It is a man-made statutory positive law. So you see i am very much interested in what is in those sealed files, in particular Obama, Cruz etc. It was by a 9-0 consensus that the court in Minor v Happersett said that NBCs were those born IN the United States to parents who were both US Citizens themselves.I told you before Lew. 60 years in this country working paying taxes, drafted for Viet-Nam in 1968, unable to get a real I.D., passport or any other confirmation of my U.S. citizenship, while half of the Congress are “dual citizens”, they have 2 and some cases 3 passports. on Justice for Victims of Hate Crimes Act - S. 3228 Should you have specific questions, please contact legislation@hrc.org.By clicking "GO" below, you will be directed to a website operated by the Human Rights Campaign Foundation, an independent 501(c)(3) entity. Between then, in March, 2015 Canadian-born Ted Cruz announced his run for the Presidency. It expires 10 years from date of last discharge or release from active duty. VA will deliver a headstone or marker at no cost, anywhere in the world.National Guard members performing active service where pay is received from the Federal government may qualify for many VA benefits.The Post-9/11 GI Bill provides up to 36 months of education benefits, generally payable for 15 years following your release from active duty. If you're new here, you may want to subscribe to my free Freeman, Citizens of the United States are citizens of the State in which they reside and of the U.S.A. That is NOT “Dual [National] Citizenship” since States are all PART of the USA. [2] The rules of naturalization vary from country to country but typically include a promise to obey and uphold that country’s laws,[3] taking and subscribing to the oath of allegiance, and may specify other requirements such as a minimum legal residency and adequate knowledge of the national dominant language or culture.

During his testimony before a House committee circa 2010 he said “We’re [SCOTUS] evading that one [Obama’s eligibility].”Thank you for that link. Manage Your Membership

Senator Tammy Duckworth holds – dual-Citizenship at birth – Thailand and […]