Do not forget to pick up a replacement tile.Before your turn is over, check your tiles again in case you can fill any gobble spaces, including gobbles created by your free move.

Let's make some coasters that when flipped over turn into a game, or when connected together form a platter.These coasters were modeled off of Tantrix's game.

Regular players often develop a preference and can find it hard to switch.All the tiles are placed in the bag.

The difficulty of a puzzle is determined by the number and position of pre-placed clues. The Blue and Red Rainbow puzzles both are "Line pyramid" puzzles.Make a ten-tile pyramid shape, which contains a continuous blue line passing through all the tiles.Make a 15-tile pyramid shape, which contains a continuous red line passing through all the tiles.You can also try to create your own pyramid puzzles, either line or just matching puzzles by working backwards.

A replacement tile must be picked up immediately after a tile has been played.Whenever possible, gobble spaces (see page 3) must be filled by the player whose turn it is.As the game progresses, gobble spaces will occur more frequently - so each player's turn becomes a three-step process of trying to fill any gobbles, then making a free move and finally trying to fill any gobbles again.Start your turn by looking for gobbles that have not yet been filled.

4 years ago To play the game well, you need to create required spaces in smart ways. It is a set of 10 tiles with which you can do several loop puzzles. Original Tantrix Puzzle (Crazy Tantrix) The first version of Tantrix was a puzzle consisting of 10 hexagonal tiles. Don't be too disappointed, when large loops go wrong, the score is often zero!Start by sorting the tiles into piles according to the colors of the numbers on the back.

Game Coasters - Tantrix: We've combined utility, fun and aesthetics all into 10 hexagonal coasters! Tantrix - Rules of Play says: Tantrix is a strategy game using painted bakelite hexagons.

The other players continue until all finish.You do not need to slow down or stop, just because another player shouts "Gobble".

Once all tiles are drawn, the restraints are lifted.You may not create gobble spaces with three links of the same color!Double gobbles are spaces surrounded by four tiles. Take two tiles at random and place them together in the middle of the table with their colors matching.Continue taking one tile at a time from the bag and joining it to the Tantrix on the table.Joining tiles must always touch at least TWO other tiles (see diagram), and all touching colors must match.Every time a gobble is filled, the top tile from the dis- card stack can be returned to the bag, or played.Your objective is to finish the game with no tiles on the discard stack after all tiles have been played!Place any two tiles together in the middle of the ta- ble with their colors matching.

Game Coasters - Tantrix: We've combined utility, fun and aesthetics all into 10 hexagonal coasters! Similar to the Discovery puzzle, Tantrix Xtreme is a 10 piece pack but with loops in 4 colours (instead of three in the Discovery puzzle). More often than not, it makes sense to keep your options open until a few tiles have been played.A useful training technique is to use "joker tiles".If the next tile can not be conveniently played, put it aside, and add it back any time later.Subtract one point from your final score for each joker tile you used.Mastering big loops requires perfect knowledge of the 14 tiles and careful planning.

of players: 1 - 4 Playing time: 30 minutes Age: 8+ Tantrix Game Pack Essentials: - Rules of Play says: Tantrix is a strategy game using painted bakelite hexagons. Share all remaining tiles between the players, with the better players taking extra tiles.One player shouts "GO", then all players simultaneously race to connect their tiles as quickly as possible to the Tantrix, one tile at a time. Moreover, the Tantrix Xtreme tiles have no colour clue for the loops to be formed at each level of Holes are not allowed in Discovery.The table on the left shows target solution times for the puzzles up to ten tiles.Tantrix Gobble is a family game which is more about speed than strategy.It suits fast, rather than deep thinkers and is a fun introduction for younger players.The optimum number of players will depend on how much chaos you can take: more than 4 players and elbows definitely become a factor!A gobble is a space in the Tantrix surrounded by three or more tiles.In the diagram you can see two gobble spaces (A and B) and one tile that could fit at A.Begin with all tiles in the bag. "Match" is the golden rule of Tantrix.A gobble is a space around the Tantrix surrounded by three or more tiles.