Still coping with her unresolved feelings for Brian, Chloe agrees to accompany him to meet his grandmother, Olivia, who was presumed dead. 7,0 4 711 ocen . Serial oparty jest na książce o takim samym tytule autorstwa Liz Braswell. Only the Uniter can be resurrected, although each death will get more painful as time goes on. Then the Order's assassin convinces her everyone she cares about is at risk, unless she agrees to meet alone.

Recenzje Nagrody (3) Forum . A race of demigods, the Mai were once tasked as protectors and companions of mankind; similar to felines, but on a much grander scale. 3 701 chce zobaczyć . 06.14.2011 | 44m . I wanna take a risk.

Chloe is also bestowed with nine lives, but she is still in troubles when being hunted by an assassin. She discovers she has nine lives and is told by Jasmine and Alek that she alone can protect the race from human assassins, who have hunted them for thousands of years.The Mai are an ancient race of supernatural beings, the mortal descendants of the Ancient Egyptian cat goddess, Bastet. Watch episodes on Ignoring Alex's warnings to be more careful, she tries to redeem herself by helping Gabriel,Xavier's brother, free himself from drug dealers. The Nine Lives of Chloe King is an American supernatural drama television series which premiered on ABC Family on June 14, 2011, and ended on August 16, 2011.

As if being responsible for the San Francisco Mai wasn't enough pressure, Chloe meets Nikki and Lilah, who are both members of the South American Mai. schedule. Created by Dan Berendsen. Multimedia. Alek and Jasmine's worst fears are realized when Chloe's mission takes a terrible turn and one Mai could be lost forever. Chloe King is looking forward to spending her sixteenth birthday with her two best friends but as the day approaches she begins to discover that she is developing extraordinary abilities. Chloe szybko dowiaduje się, że jest częścią starożytnej rasy, która jest ścigana przez ludzkichChloe King oczekuje na świętowanie swoich urodzin z przyjaciółmi i samotną matką, tak jak każdego innego roku ... to jest do dnia, gdy zaczynają rozwijać się  w niej niesamowite umiejętności i odkrywa, że jest śledzona przez tajemniczą postać. Chloe is the main character of the show, and is played by American actress Skyler Samuels. However, the Mai fell from the Pharaoh's grace and were cast out. The Mai once acted as defenders and companions of the human race, first as guardians for Egyptian pharaohs. Reminded of her situation with Brian, Chloe encourages Vanessa to be open and honest about her feelings. A girl with special cat-like powers is being hunted by an assassin. All contents are provided by non-affiliated third parties.Chloe King Chloe has just turned sixteen and has found out that she is a descendant of an ancient race of Bastet offspring called the Mai and she has special cat-like powers. {"id":"600363","linkUrl":"/serial/The+Nine+Lives+of+Chloe+King-2011-600363","alt":"The Nine Lives of Chloe King","imgUrl":""}Kiedy Chloe zyskuje nadludzkie umiejętności, zaczynają ją ścigać dziwne postacie. Chloe meets Valentina, the leader of the Mai in San Francisco, and has questions answered. Aware that her relationship with her mother is suffering, Chloe must decide whether she will finally confess her biggest secret to the most important person in her life.

Her gift of empathy leads her into trouble when Lana, her boss, is stalked by her ex. The two girls invite Chloe out for a night of dancing, which she accepts, but Jasmine is suspicious of their motives. Pełna obsada (107) Opisy (1) Odcinki . Tension in the King household is at an all-time high due to Meredith's increasing frustration with Chloe's penchant for secrecy.

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