The only rule is that if you like it, give it a try.A hairstyle with short sides can be any cut like the crew cut or the pixie.

But now, I have taken a vow to look more presentable on a daily basis and I want to help you do the same. The usual French braids are rolled up to form an intricate crown using your hair. You can flaunt your long hair without the heaviness by adding “steps”. Go all the way till the end and once done, adorn your hair with fresh and bright coloured flowers.This hairstyle for long-haired girls is a refreshing change from the regular one-side French braid.

The Mohawk style features a neat undercut on the back with a spiky layer of hair at the center. The punk-era inspired style has layers of colored hair in white and red.

Instead of just rolling in your side strands, you can now add some “bubbles” for a playful look. The usual French braids are rolled up to form an intricate crown using your hair. 50 Quick And Easy Hairstyles For Girls … When you follow this simple hairstyle step by step, then you will never be disappointed. It works exceptionally well for girls who have very long hair and find it hard to braid until the ends. Experiment a bit and accessorize with a lovely hairpin.If you grew up in or have any recollection of the 1980’s, perms kind of have a bad reputation. Low buns can be small and simple or big and bold. Small sections of hair can be taken out and made into thin braids, leaving some of the hair with a messy effect. The asymmetric pixie cut is a great way to flaunt your naturally curly hair without having to go through maintenance problems. Make a braid with the hair and roll it up to form a low bun.

Whatever color you choose, have a little fun and be that redhead or purple haired woman you’ve always wanted to be; express yourself through dyed hair.Do you love the look of an updo but feel like it’s too formal for an everyday hairstyle? Check out the steps below:Take a look at this lazy girl’s hairstyle for school! Read along!Have long hair? Also, don’t forget to play with that metallic highlighter on your face to complement your hair color.This basic hairstyle for girls with long hair will never fail to make the impression! The blonde pixie cut features vibrant shades of orange, green and yellow, which add an interesting character to your hair. This way, you can create a lot of volume on the sides and get a crown-like effect. Check out this long hairstyle for girls with jet black hair. Depending on the occasion and the type of your hair, you can choose from one of these and impress your friends:Check out this sporty, edgy shoulder length haircut for girls which can kick out your bad hair days!
The copper dyed hair is cut asymmetrically and curled using a hot tool. Add an elegant hairband for an appealing look. It perfectly suits pin, straight hair, where sharp asymmetric layers are created with scissors. Make sure the pony is really tight to make it stay in its position. Use a spray to tame the frizz and keep your “pineapple” in the best condition!Add a dash of color to your life by opting for this short hairstyle for girls! This neat haircut can give you a sophisticated look that suits most of the occasions. The shoulder-length hair lets you experiment with any style in a jiffy!Give your young fashionista a fashion makeover with this little girl’s hairstyle idea! But if you are bored of sporting the same hairstyle and don’t want to lose the length at the same time, try bangs! thank youFind the Information’s on Beauty, Fashion, Celebrities, Food, Health, Travel, Parenting, Astrology and more.

For inspiration, take a look at this modern choppy haircut that gives you an edgy look. Just be sure to use a frizz-taming cream on your hair to control the volume and retain the shape.Check out this gorgeous hairstyle for girls with long hair which is too good to be true!

The Mohawk style features a neat undercut on the back with a spiky layer of hair at the center. Type 3a curly hair is the finest and has the biggest and loosest curls. If you have always been braiding or tying up your hair, it’s time to unleash its real charm! Replace your tight braids with loose French-style braiding and split your hair into two sections. This messy two braid style is one of the easy hairstyles for teenage girls who love to show off their free-spirited nature. It is a great style for those girls who love to try a braid but want the freedom of an open hairstyle. The blonde hair is colored in multiple shades of green, blue, orange, yellow etc. You can easily replicate it with a little practice with your fingers.Are you heading out to a formal party? If you are not into this look, then add hues of red, green or blue color to woo the crowd!Check out this cute hairstyle for girls with thin, fine hair. All you need is a curler or incase of already curly or wavy hair, just a nice detangling brush.

You can use some curl cream to cut down the roughness and enjoy beautiful locks every single time!Add drama to your hair by sporting a bright pink dye instead of the usual blacks and browns.