Quarky, along with Thundergirl and Stinky Diver, are there to watch the show. Kathie Lee, Tom Hanks, Sean Connery, Burt Reynolds - SNL - Duration: 9:45. Once The Mayor's nuclear reactor blows, it will wipe out every living organism on the planet. ""That thing has my daughter? The Action League don't believe her, and think she's wearing a halloween costume and pretending to be a superhero. When Big Baby becomes calm, The Chief is impressed at what a difference a clean diaper can make. The narrator then asks the viewers if the Action League will be able to calm Big Baby and save Quarky, then tells the viewers to stay tuned for part 2. The show follows four superheroes, who are action figures, on stopping evil. The Action League find out why Big Baby's so cranky; he needs a diaper change. Aaah! Now let's move out! This gives Quarky an idea. An angry Big Baby then tosses the Action Mobile at the Mobile Command Post. The Chief tries to comfort Bill by telling him he's got his best people on it. One specific episode to be put under this ban was the season 2 episode "Caged Thunder" due to its themes of terrorism, Meanwhile, Big Baby goes on a rampage towards a nearby house where the family is having lunch. The Mayor then sees the nuclear reactor out of control and the rest of his employees panicking on his securty camera, and decides to leave for Europe on his lawn mower. ""Wait, there's nowhere to run. Stinky tells Thundergirl he thought so, too, but now he finds Big Baby to be cute. This suddenly gives Bill an idea. on Nickelodeon, and was later spun off into its own show.A total of 51 episodes have aired, with an average time of four minutes each. Thundergirl thinks the baby is cute but Stinky thinks the baby is ugly. He then breaks through his cage, scaring away the people, and grabbing Quarky. Back at the Mobile Command Post, Bill grieves over Quarky being taken by Big Baby.

(2001-2002) was an American animated television series that aired on Nickelodeon. It first premiered on the Kablam! Big Baby then tears the roof off the house and scares the family. You heard Bill the Lab Guy, we got to pull the plug on that blasted Reactor. It first premiered on the Kablam! Henry starts offering products of himself for his fan club, while June gives out a voodoo doll of Henry. special. Suddenly, an alarm goes off, and he sees the Action League, on their way to shut his nuclear reactor down, on his security camera. If we don't shut down the reactor now, it's gonna blow! In Prometheus and Bob, Bob tries to learn how to farm. She was all I had, and she worked for free. Mustn't let feelings get in the way. Stinky feeds Big Baby by using a bottle of formula. "Where His Dishonor, The Mayor, reaps the profits from a sordid sideshow.

Your body is changing in strange and wonderful ways. Big Baby spits the formula onto Stinky and everyone laughs. "Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Let us use reason, not violence. She wishes she could be a superhero like the members of the Action League, then she wouldn't have to go to school. "The Mayor's phone call is interrupted by a security alert"Ha ha. Smash it, crush it, destroy it! Funny / Action League NOW! Most episodes took place in a house of an unseen resident. Bill wants to save Quarky, but at the same time, he doesn't want to hurt Big Baby. Dialogue [after the Mayor unveils the big baby at a circus sideshow] Thunder Girl: Awww, it's a witsy-bitsy baby! One day at a local carnival, The Mayor is hosting a freak show. Thundergirl flies to the rescue. ""That does it. on Nickelodeon, and was later spun off into its own show that premiered on Nickelodeon on November 25, 2001, and ending its run on February 10, 2002. She suddenly transforms into a superhero called Superteen, and flies onto the nuclear reactor. In the second act, Quarky begs for her father to save her. Quarky tells her father if there's anything she can do to shut off the reactor. Meanwhile, The Mayor is on the phone, planning to order some electronic devices from Smarter Image. As Big Baby climbs up a coat rack, Thundergirl flies to rescue Quarky. Meltman and The Flesh catch Big Baby in a new, clean diaper. Smash it, crush it, destroy it! The Flesh then rides a skateboard and rams the coat rack. Quarky is a minor character on Action League Now! Meanwhile, at the Mayor's nuclear reactor, Quarky, the daughter of Bill the Lab Guy, walks by on her way home from school. Don't worry, sweetheart. episode, Hurts So Good on April 28, 1997. The Flesh and Meltman are having a hard time thinking with a stench filling the air.

At Action Headquarters, having heard about the nuclear disaster, The Action League are loading their luggage into the Action Mobile to evacuate from the neighborhood. He tries to think of a solution. The Flesh, completely missing the point of what Bill's saying, decides that they will have to go to Europe. Suddenly, an alarm goes off and nuclear waste begins to shoot out, landing on her. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Quarky. (also known as Action League Now! Many of the characters were voiced by radio personalities from From November 25, 2001 to February 10, 2002, Nickelodeon briefly ran The Action League have had various other villains throughout the show's run, including (but not limited to) a gigantic baby simply named "Big Baby", a Certain episodes of Action League Now were previously banned in the United States. ""Say, um, Bill, there's something we've been meaning to tell you. episodes and David Fain for the rare "Action League NOW!" The Mayor presents a gigantic infant known as Big Baby. Thanks also to Ian Lueck, Allen Jankowics, Roman Sinitsyn, MAKEBELIEVE, Justin, and sls for helping identify stock production music tracks. Celebrity Jeopardy! Suddenly, the lawn mower sneaks up in front of them and tears them to pieces. is a stop motion children's television series that was originally part of All That and then KaBlam! :The Series when spun-off into its own television series) is an American stop motion animated children's television series that was originally part of All That and then KaBlam! "Superteen zaps the Action Mobile with her laser eyes...Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.

episode, Won't Stick to Most Dental Work on September 19, 1997.