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Testable content comprehension levels were determined by survey of all active duty chief master sergeants.For questions regarding appropriate enlisted promotion study material, refer to the EPRRC (Enlisted Promotions References and Requirements Catalog), located on the AF Portal under quick links, or go directly to:*The Air Force Handbook 1 App (v2019) is also available for free download through the Google Play and Apple app stores. These numbers let you know what information is the most important to know for your particular grade. A good study strategy would involve spending more time understanding the information labeled as a “1” or “2”, but that as an Air Force Professional, you should take some time to look through all information pertaining to the rank you are seeking. Home Enlisted Promotion Study Guides. I combined this with your audio programs and have benefitted greatly. Thanks, Team McMillan! Its sole source of reference is The Study Guide for Promotion to (SSgt, TSgt), 1 October 2019. m��E�`����C�az�#Y�Q5����G4�'���b�ЄͰ9ݰ�k���n�,x�UT�C�0��X 뙉���ks���Cu�B�:`ݎK��m?�s���Q#Y�4ċ>����۳��¨�9������X�akz�A�N���܁ёB7xB�����(X?���ؑP��uM��D���=Ƽ_7�5͇��� s=�!�:�b The Arcad games have really made it easier for me to study longer. ]b΃���h6�������$I��$t�M+���T���J��,���d�RF`ͰDE#VZ�#��H2Z�t&���+>z�F�D� OA��u��w���h&!���p� ��h��v�L Y������Ko�DF���x�M�_��G�C�����9��̡�� SC�7��[s�"����즬>׋E���K���{�"�gުZ��Ȳ/�� �>��C�Gfm�����ACS�;�S��׳��Կg�ff�g��wu'��f� [��5�ɧG{q�%T�m�R��~� ��W!D�7��u�{^��;���ϞN�

0 h�bbd```b`�"'��� ����\�@���7��+������[��L20���������>� � {�jg.��>k�O�s�����խf&x�D�� 6x���nGM��5��~W�Tb�s%��`�w�Gܶz� �� �;�AK`�}p.V2 J"�w��3f����>��m���c?1�1h]�? The MKTS chart (located in the study guides as attachment 1) consists of letters (A, B, C, & D) and numbers (1, 2, 3, & 4).The letters indicate the desired level of understanding applicable to each particular rank as Air Force Professionals.The numbers indicate the importance of the information to each particular rank as Air Force Professionals.Note: Sections identified with “4” indicate that the information in that section is valuable to a particular rank as Air Force Professionals, but the section is NOT testable.Note: Sections identified with "N/A" indicate that the information is NOT required of a particular rank as Air Force Professionals, and is NOT testable.The MKTS chart can help you save time preparing for promotion testing by using the numbers identified within each paragraph or section. Airman AFH1 Air Force Handbook 1. “Thanks to PDG GOLD , I made the top 99% on my PFE. The new Professional Development Guide, or PDG, AFPAM 36-2241, is now available at www.e-publishing.af.mil. PDG PROmote is an application aimed to prepare Airmen who are taking the Air Force Promotion Fitness Examination (PFE) or the USAFSE-United States Air Force supervisory examination. The new 2019 Air Force Handbook 1, Airman. * For any questions, comments, or suggestions regarding the AFH 1 or the Enlisted Promotion Study Guides, please contact the AFH 1 Program Manager at DSN 487-4075, Comm 210-652-4075, E-mail: afh@us.af.mil or pdg@us.af.mil . Information in this handbook is primarily from Air Force publications and contains a compilation of policies, procedures, and standards that guide Airmen’s actions within the Profession of Arms. �v�}����r7�9��G=�����M[�.��W`7r�;-�A���qK�t�%b�˻���vw�3��-��/�W�`wv1�O��[f¼��GP�-Z��0�~&�����v"x"��(zC�������)0����~X����+�m���i�"���,r4šN���Z�X�=�S`�W��@�%�·��s�*P�q�}3����B.m{�b����P�4|'by^�����m_K��^� .�`(���O�_�K�Qo�YK?�u��Ƨ��],%P�a.�:ݶw�̵r��N[6,X�9Θ`}����2�ò��]p����{w�ǣ0)>��!�F�SP�?cG�}���h���]�4,���8f��ym/�?y'��;f?�냁��["��dGb/L�z��}E�S�젩�C�C��V As a special thank you to our loyal customers, we’ll take $59.95 off your 2019 AFH 1 GOLD purchase at checkout! AFH 1 and Enlisted Promotion Study Guides 2961 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<7B41F302A006A24483CD89D408DE52DE><74D49A4D1D1F4545B311D2DBD90A87FE>]/Index[2953 78]/Info 2952 0 R/Length 70/Prev 10382677/Root 2954 0 R/Size 3031/Type/XRef/W[1 3 1]>>stream � Home 2019 PDG PDF 2019 MKTS Chart Print Copy. The Airman Development and Testing Chart (ADTC) is used by the Air Force to identify the relevance of Air Force Handbook (AFH) 1, Airman, testable content for the Promotion Fitness Examination (PFE) as well as to determine subject matter content for inclusion in applicable enlisted promotion study guides.