When she says, "I just can't be with you like this anymore", I think that shows she's regretting what's she's already done. What do you mean "and their screwed up ways"? mad about the boy is dead right. However, I really like that interpretation. i mean besides that "love" story or whatever, what about the flipped cross? Lady Gaga Lyrics "Alejandro" I know that we are young And I know that you may love me But I just can't be with you like this anymore Alejandro She's got both hands In her pocket And she won't look at you (won't look at you) She hides true love En su bolsillo Alejandro, Fernando, and Roberto. This article examines the occult symbols used in Alejandro in order to understand its underlying message. That is IT!
Wow that actually makes the most sense besides the dad thing. Fernando - meaning; intelligent!

Haha, I like Lady Gaga but I couldn't help to laugh from this comment :D "Alejandro" as written by Stefani Germanotta Nadir KhayatNon-lyrical content copyright 1999-2020 SongMeaningsJavascript must be enabled for the correct page display She doesn't want to do anything for them after the way she's been treated by them. At a first glance, it seems as if it is a simple song saying that she is fed up with the recent men she's been with and wants to move on. Oh you're pretty accurate actually... She recently said in an interview that this song was about the "... purity of my relationships with my gay friends..." so, I agree with your thought.... According to the Catholic community, they weren’t cool with Gaga’s usage of popular-religious (i.e. In fact even though he had previous offers, Gaga’s was the first he accepted to direct a music video. Rather simply, this song, Alejandro, is a song about Lady GaGa dealing with her fear of sex Monster, and about her fear of having a faithful relationship with another. This is probably because she’s in another relationship, as she reveals by claiming to have a ring on her finger. i think that the guys might be gay.........they have fishnets, heels and bowlcuts in the video..... In the meantime, she's been doing guys secretly on the side, all given common Latino names in the song to inspire that almost movie quality "exotic, forbidden, foreign love", but has had no real connection to any of them. But, his real identity must stay between the 2 of them. Stop, please, just let me go Alejandro, just let me go. lady gaga is a gay, lesbian, bi, activist and is bi herself so that idea can actually make sense. i think revo is on to something... by telling them to "Just smoke my cigarette and hush" she is essentially killing them, cus cigarettes kill. All Rights Reserved. Same with what she says to Roberto. Then maybe the boyfriend like a dad thing could mean like a "sugar daddy" giving her money. Hm I never thought about the different names being due to forgetfulness. It would mean that she is throwing her previous religious life away, wanting nothing to do with God, and moving forward by being as rebellious and worldly as she can. She won't look at u cuz she doesn't love u, she is getting paid to do it. Alejandro, Alejandro Ale-Alejandro, Ale-Alejandro Alejandro, Alejandro Ale-Alejandro, Ale-Alejandro. i have read most of these comments and i do believe we are wasting our time - this is a silly song, great beat - but meaningless. That's why she says I'm not your babe. You all seem pretty confused on the meaning of this song. When she is trapped in the dark (the netherworld), she calls out for Alejandro, who she wishes not to call back, but to take her by the hand and guide her to the light. Being released on 20 April 2010, “Alejandro” is the third single from Lady Gaga’s EP “The Fame Monster” (2009). HEYYY GUYYSSS! Either that or Gaga just made a very weird, random, crazy music video that had little to do with the lyrics she is singing, which I wouldn't doubt, either. And she won't look at you. Thus, she sabotages the relationship by cheating on him with some random guy while she is on vacation in Mexico. Personally, I'd like to view it as she is in a relationship with Alejandro, but then she meets a girl, and now, she has to choose between the two. I totally agree with what you were saying about her being engaged, but hiding the ring her in pocket. I was going to type almost exactly what you wrote with an addition and a slight disagreement: I don't think the song is about a woman who feels bad; she's "done" with Alejandro *because* he's fallen in love with her. She originally fell for one of them, but she's trapped by the three of them. The whole song is about how she wants out of porn and.one giy. Roberto - meaning; fame!

December 26, 2019. After I read it earlier, I went and listened to the song about 100 more times (I'm obsessed with finding the meaning of it!)

its about gay marriage. i really feel like you guys have no idea what your talking about... did you even read her interview, or do research? She doesn't even care what his name is.

this makes sense!!!!!!!!!!! Won't look at you. lol i didn't know lady gaga loved that type of fabric THAT much