The stories/episodes are interesting and memorable. I quite enjoyed it, and Snarf being a mute was the absolute best decision anyone has ever made in any reimagining.

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But their enemies have followed them.Fleeing the destruction of their home planet Thundera, the ThunderCats land on the mysterious and dangerous world of Third Earth! My 8 year old LOVES this show. Voltron: Defender of the Universe - The Complete Original Series This show does nothing with the established lore or characters to warrant being a reboot but at the same time does nothing interesting enough to be a stand alone series either. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next > adssse Thunderian Legend. Now Cheetara has to find something else to be the best at.When Lion-O accidentally releases a whole space prison full of space criminals, he needs to prove his innocence to Mandora, the Evil Chaser, a no-nonsense space cop.When Lion-O accidentally drains the oceans of their water, a mysterious scientist offers to help fix everything with a journey under the Earth.Because Lion-O never pays attention during Tygra’s training sessions, he accidentally opens a portal to the Astral Plane and releases the Nether Witch.Although the ThunderCats are always thwarting Mumm-Ra’s plans to restore his powers, he now has the Ancient Spirits of Evil to help him.When the Cats’ Lair is attacked by the Berserkers – gold-loving robot pirates – it means Lion-O and the ThunderKittens can fight them instead of doing their chores.Jaga, the ghost of the ThunderCats mentor, is freed from the astral plane and visits the Cats Lair to tell them why their home planet of Thundera exploded.Panthro hits it off with a new friend – Barbastella, the Queen of the Bats!

Featuring action-packed adventures from the Third Earth, the legend of the ThunderCats and their struggle to defeat the evil Mumm-Ra continues in ThunderCats: The Complete Second Season, Volume 1. Kudos on the lossless, as usual, but it a full six-channel track would have certainly been appreciated, especially with ThunderCats (Original Series): The Complete Series (DVD)"From beyond any known galaxy, bringing with them the laws and ideals of their green planet, Thundera, come the ThunderCats!" Another great series that I watched online and fell in love with and had to buy.

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Thundercats is by far their favorite show (without any coaching by me). The DVD set contains more discs for the longer running animated series from the 1980s. Enjoy exclusive Amazon Originals as well as popular movies and TV shows. What was there was great. Born on the doomed planet Thundera, in a faraway galaxy, the ThunderCats - half human, half feline - must find a new home...From beyond any known galaxy, bring with them the laws and ideals of their doomed planet, Thundera, come the ThunderCats.The Mutants form an unholy alliance with Mumm-Ra and set forth to destroy the ThunderCats.The ThunderCats meets the Berbils, a group of robot teddy bear-like creatures from the planet Ro-Bear.The ThunderTank is given a trial run as the ThunderCats attempts to liberate the Brutemen from slavery.Mumm-Ra changes into a puma and stages a fake heroic deed in order to convince the ThunderCats that he's from their home planet.The Code Of Thundera is called into action as Lion-O saves a unicorn from the Berserkers and their leader, Hammerhead.Searching for Thundrillium, the ThunderTank's power sources, Tygra is caught in the Cave of Time, aging him rapidly and making him too weak to escape.Wilykit and Wilykat help a friendly Wollo who is being robbed by two gargoyle-like creatures. The only sad part is, it never went past season 1.