an amercian soul singer, a huge inspiration to amy. A thus 'Rehab' was born! Public performances turned into incoherent disasters, the worst of them posted to video-sharing sites for all to see. General CommentThe song's meaning is deliciously straight-forward: she isn't going to rehab because the problem isn't her drinking, it everything that drives her to drink.

Much can be said about the late Amy Winehouse, one of the U.K.'s flagship vocalists during the 2000s. An other interpretation of the video would be that she is burying her feelings of love for that man. She loved him for real to the end, and ended it because of not being with the one she loved. She just wants to hang out with her man,("daddy")and do more drugs. This song is about a heavy addict who doesn't want to go to rehab because she feels justified in her substance abuse and she feels like she can function without rehab. The black is the dark, the silence, loneliness, trapped.

I think Amy is using "Between the Cheats" as an acronym for "between the vowels" the whole song is talking about marriage and one verse says, "It's sworen between the cheats". Her lover has returned to an old flame or his wife, someone he is comfortable with but who doesn't provide the fireworks he has/had with the singer. Whether that abuse might get worse or not is not the issue the person wishes to discuss. Has she ever been blackballed and when she comes back they'll know, know know how great her talent is. But in the video she is burying somebody. The album was nominated for the 2004 Mercury Music Prize as well as two Brit Awards, and its lead single, "Stronger Than Me," won an Ivor Novello Award for Best Contemporary Song.Following Winehouse's debut, the accolades and inquiring interviews appeared concurrently in the press with her tempestuous public life. Here are the facts...not a judgment just the facts. Her record company tried to make her go to rehab but she wouldn't and her father didn't think she needed to either. The songs about her and her boyfriend being on drugs and basically how she's a standby woman to him. "You go back to her, I go back to us" He can go back to her but she has nothing to go back to but their relationship because for her there is no one else but him. Amy references being black or going black in more than one of her songs. The repetition of the word "black," in the lyrics is almost visual in the sense of her falling into deep, deep, depressive darkness. By the end of 2003, when she was 20 years old, Island had released her debut album, Frank. Her platinum-selling breakthrough album, Frank (2003), elicited comparisons ranging from Billie Holiday and Sarah Vaughan to Macy Gray and Lauryn Hill. Him going back to his girlfriend and ending the his illicit affair with Amy will send her back to a dark place. All lyrics provided for educational purposes only. If you take the whole album as a whole certain lyrics become easier to understand because throughout the entire album there are certain topics she keeps talking about.

Everyone wants her to go to rehab but she says NO! Amy does not see it that way at all. Her record company tried to make her go to rehab but she wouldn't and her father didn't think she needed to either.

When she mentions her "daddy" in the song she does actually mean her father (Mitch Winehouse), and not her man/husband (Blake Fielder-Civil) as the other interpretation is implying.

While at home, she listened to and absorbed her parents' selection of greats: Dinah Washington, Ella Fitzgerald, and Frank Sinatra among others.

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