BOTY Score. Dr. Vijay reveals that Raja Vijaya Rajendra Bahaddur is still alive when he printed out an astrological profile and showed the astrologer, who revealed it. Acharya takes help from Dr.Vijay, a psychiatrist to solve the problem. Gurukiran's background score also succeeded in creating the desired effect. ... Be the first one to receive all Box Office Updates of Latest Movies. Vishnuvardhan's performance was praised. In order to know more about Nagavalli's lover Ramanatha (Initially there were speculations on the role of lead actress, after The film got almost good reviews from critics. Dr. Vijay becomes very shocked to see the Vijaya Rajendra Bahaddur for two reasons: 1. The story starts off with an ancient painting of Nagavalli (The investigation also takes back to around 125 years when Raja Vijaya Rajendra Bahaddur (Vishnuvardhan) used to live and how his enmity with Nagavalli has been going on since centuries. Saraswathi, Neetha and Gowri of the family are psychologically affected by Nagavalli. The portrait he saw in the old palace 5 years ago, was in fact the portrait of Vijaya Rajendra Bahaddur's elder brother, Vinaya Rajendra Bahaddur, who was killed by Vijaya Rajendra Bahaddur himself for the sake of ruling the kingdom. The Doctor luckily escapes from the invincible Raja, and when the Acharya asks for Saraswathi's name, she says her name as Nagavalli Saraswathi, but is revealed that she is still mad, but not affected by Nagavalli. How Dr.Vijay helps the family is the rest of the is a leading Bollywood News portal providing news about latest Bollywood Movies, Celebrity & Box Office Collection. Aptharakshaka - Get movie reviews, story, trailers, cast and crew, songs of Aptharakshaka. A family in Mysore is disturbed by the portrait of Nagavalli. Kannada. 2. Vimala Raman was praised for her dancing skills as well as her acting in the role of Nagavalli. You can reach as at: Be the first one to receive all Box Office Updates of Latest Movies. 67. Vijaya Rajendra Bahaddur resembles Dr. Vijay. Later the Doctor reveals to everyone that Gowri is affected by Nagavalli as he makes her angry and change personality from Gowri to Nagavalli in front of everyone, then she swoons after she returns to normal. You … Subscribe to BOTY Box Office Updates. Results & Analysis Total Votes: 45. Name * ... Celebrity & Box Office Collection. The film was released on 19 February 2010 to highly positive reviews. Dr. Vijay finishes reading the book and whilst signing the ledger, he reads the name above him: Nagavalli... and he understands that she had read the book before he had. Login to Vote.

Then later, he explains to everyone that Gowri had written both the names while she signed the ledger: Gowri in English when she was borrowing the book, Nagavalli in Telugu when she was returning the book, and that it was also her who scared the bridegroom away on the Engagement day and sat downstairs like as if she didn't know anything. To further investigate about Nagavalli, Dr. Vijay goes to Nagavalli's place in Peddapuram, Andhra Pradhesh and an old man told the Doctor that Nagavalli's family died back at around a hundred years and told him that he was the second person to enquire about Nagavalli's family, and as the Doctor asked who that person was, the old man told him that a girl came and inquired about Nagavalli, and he also says that she was fine whilst asking the questions, but when she returned from Nagavalli's place, she was holding a portrait of Nagavalli and ran away like a mad girl, so the Doctor goes to Nagavalli's house and realizes that the portrait in the outhouse was the portrait of Nagavalli which had been taken, as he glanced at an empty wall with a rectangular marking outline. Box office ₹50 crores [2] Aaptharakshaka (English: Dearest Savior ) is a Kannada blockbuster film released in 2010 starring Vishnuvardhan in his 200th Kannada film and posthumous film along with Vimala Raman , Sandhya , Avinash , Srinivasa Murthy , Bhavana , Lakshmi Gopalaswamy and … User Score. And the created hype and curiosity around the film was justified. Aptharakshaka.