As to the height of the power of the KKK, remember they were not only against blacks, but jews [ all you have to do is read the wisdom of St Saul to see this justification] and papist [ many say the organization of the whore of babylon] . The Clintons even established a $100 fine for those violating the law: Clinton had a Confederate flag-like issue of his own. not one damn thing,,,,,the beautiful Southern Soldiers monuments that have been destroyed by Stalinists/islamists in this country is a true abomination --the Jackson And Lee Statue =replaced with a african woman holding a baby with her fist in the air--holy comoly--what a travesty ...any of you communist/nazi's have any clue who Jackson and Lee were???

The U.S.S. My comments are about white and blacks. asked Rep. Bruce Cozart, R-Hot Springs.Robert Freeman, who identified himself as a descendant of Confederate veterans, prompted murmurs throughout the committee room after he accused Hutchinson of seeking "added political support from the so-called black community" by supporting an end to the Lee-King holiday.Another claimed Confederate descendant, Alexander C. Wilson III, said he had eight relatives fight for the South in the Civil War -- which he referred to as the "War of Southern Independence" -- and said attempts to change the flag's meaning were being driven by "revisionist organizations," though he did not clarify to what groups he was referring.Debate over the bill, which lasted about 45 minutes, grew emotional for several Democrats.Rep. The three stars below the name represent … Before long they had the answer: there was no state flag.The Pine Bluff group decided to correct the situation by holding a statewide flag contest. Adopted: 1895 Alabama adopted their state flag, which is a red St. Andrew's cross, which was also used as a reference for the Confederate battle flag, on a field of white, in 1895.. Arkansas. A new bill would have enshrined a star on the Arkansas flag as a symbol of the Native American tribes that occupied the land for centuries before Europeans arrived. The Confederate star would be removed but, the star lined blue outline of the diamond which is a symbol of the Confederate "stars and bars" battle flag would remain. Do a risk assessment before you do something stupid.

The AP will not be held liable for any delays, inaccuracies, errors or omissions therefrom or in the transmission or delivery of all or any part thereof or for any damages arising from any of the foregoing. Those who want to change the flag's star meaning just want to take away the great joy of the right to celebrate the shining confederacy ideas of life, liberty [ no blacks allowed] and the pursuit of happiness [ slavemasters pursuit of race mixing], all supported by the speakers of the ancient books. WHAT A WASTE OF OUR TAX PAYER FUNDED GOVERNMENT,,these virtue-signalers, and race -baiters, are really worthless,,,these same grand-standers support baby murder, taxing the successful for being successful, and enabling thugs to run cops over at will, by ensuring they have plenty of welfare and snap to spend at walmart-to supplement the gift cards they purchased after they knocked a little old lady in the head and stole her purse or broke into our vehicles and stole our wallets or in other litany of thuggery THEY do,,,what in the sam hill would removing that star do to make reparations? As a winner they chose the red, white and blue design of Miss Willie Hocker of Wabbaseka, a member of the Pine Bluff chapter of the D.A.R., where the search originated.On a rectangular field of red, Miss Hocker had placed a large white diamond bordered by twenty-five white stars on a blue band.