This wiki pertains to the television series China, IL, which ran on Adult Swim from October 2011 to June 2015. Afterward, With each season, the pan-in features more characters. The ending shot features the main characters and several recurring and minor characters.

With the relationship in mind, he produced a four-part internet series entitled China, IL, which was published on Super Deluxe in 2008.

The school's uncaring faculty and staff celebrate its poor reputation; they're constantly shown drinking while teaching, or trying to avoid teaching altogether. Notable here is the fact that the lyrics and art style are crude, with the animation largely being crudely-drawn still shots. China, IL (meaning China, Illinois) ... Neely, who had done Baby Cakes and The Professor Brothers shorts for Super Deluxe in 2006, envisioned the characters in each series to coexist in the same universe. In the official series, the style of the theme song goes through notable changes. The series was conceived as a web series on Adult Swim's defunct comedy website, Executive producer Daniel Weidenfeld stated in an interview with Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. This shot as well includes more characters with each season.
In the beginning, pandas fly around, some holding a banner bearing the series' name, followed by a pan-in of the town with various characters appearing. For " China, IL: The Funeral ", typical interactions among the characters are depicted, such as socialization. The series was originally conceived as a web series on Adult Swim's defunct comedy website, The series takes place at the "Worst College in America", located at the edge of town. Baby Cakes is the proud inventor of Meaty Saucy Energy Bar-ys, granola bars meant to taste like savory items, instead of sweet ones. Shortly before Super Deluxe ceased operations, Weidenfeld moved to Los Angeles,The second season doubled the running time of the first from 11 minutes to 22 minutes; according to Weidenfeld in an interview with An episode takes approximately one year to complete; Neely states that six or seven episodes may be produced simultaneously, all at various stages.Neely, who started recording songs at age 14, drew musical inspiration from The series has completed three seasons with ten episodes each.The series premiere was broadcast on October 6, 2011 and was watched by 888,000 viewers.The series has received positive critical reception; in reviewing the series premiere, Phil Dyess-Nugent of For the township in Illinois formerly called China Township, see Flavors include Captain Ketchup, and Barbecution, and were eventually discontinued with the release of Baby Cakes' 'non-food flavors', which included both Girl … The show follows the on-goings at fictional college University of China, Illinois (UCI), the worst school in America, where unhelpful professors, corrupt faculty, stereotypical students, and widespread alcoholism abound. "China, IL: The Funeral", alternatively titled "The Funeral", is one of two pilot episodes of China, IL.

Included is Baby Cakes ' mindset of having his head in the clouds.