As of right now, I guessed incorrectly.It started on episode 15 of 24 so it's not gonna attract a lot of new viewers.Wow. I don't think it was really held against her.Its an illegally made prison. The fact that there's an overplot paid semi-straight helps too. It's like how Pow Forums would roll their eyes at a video game parody that involves Pac-Man bleep bloops no matter how old or new the game is supposed to be. It already appears that Crayzar seems to be more pragmatic, competent, and focused.

You'll end up with retards screaming Reddit if it gets too popular.I can live with that if it gets more seasons. 50+ videos Play all Mix - Ballmastrz: 9009 | Origins | Adult Swim UK YouTube Duleena Duneeda is my Waifu - Ballmastrz 9009 Dee Dee Montage - Duration: 4:29.

Animation didn't wow you? We use it because it defines the thing we are talking aboutI will stop watching and never look back if that beautiful gut ever disappearsDid you even watch the fucking show, she's prolly one of the most kicked around characters and she treats others (including Ace) like trash.

Even if we don't, I think I could live with that being the ending. WHAT: Join Adult Swim in Atlanta as they roll out the gold carpet for the return of Ballmastrz: 9009 starring Natasha Lyonne, Dana Snyder, and Dave Willis among others. I don't think stuff like Kappa Mikey ever attempted to capture the serialized structure of anime writing.Fuck off with that shit, TVtropes is cancer, if your understanding of characterization is based on that then just shut the fuck up when grown folks is talkingyet you probably say nothing when people call the other girl yandere so why hone in on me, must have hit a nerve, and I'm probably older than youIt's not just being a fat wash up, practically everybody but Ace thinks she's just a loser now.they didn't invent the term mary sue either in fact it's probably older(going back to old star trek fanfics) and it's still a classification>Series that originated from Shounen Jump or Nakayoshi (both started in the 60's) are just outliers to what true anime isCome on dude. Tried my hand at editing together this pan of Best Girl Ballmastrz: 9009: Defective Affection?! After watching the first four episodes, I think Ballmastrz 9009 is a worthy successor to Superjail. / Strength through Song; Brotherhood … Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcutsCookies help us deliver our Services. Basically its just a guy kidnapping criminals with no authorizationI really hope it get's a 2nd season. Stuff like Gaz looking just like my gyaru doujinshi, or the swole limbless guy feeling like he came right out of JoJo or Hokuto no Ken, or a Japanese parody of those sorta shows.

Still watchable thoughI recently heard about this show and it certainly looks intriguing. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. I don't think she's a Mary Sue.If this is supposed to be a prison, it's violating the prisoners civil rights. The one time he tried bringing his methods to the real world he conquered the planet and committed dimensional time crime. This show is fucking excellent, it makes me sad how little reception its getting and likely wont be renewed.Monkey's paw.

Ride Now! It could also be possible Gaz stays with the Leptons of her own free will. An interview says they wanted to flesh out Crayzar some more and give some non-main character Leptops focus eps if they get a season 2. It's not like referencing Voltron when GoLion is mediocre at best, Toei's Sailor Moon DESERVES to be an influence on today's animators.>Why do people get assmad about Sailor Moon references?Probably because it's the "goto" joke for any animu parody. It … Fans will be treated to all-new episodes from the season followed by a Q&A panel with show creator Christy Karacas along with cast members in attendance. On August 22nd, Toonami will be airing Batman: Gotham Knight at 12:00 AM and Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Part Two at 1:45 AM. Ballmastrz: 9009 Episode 7: Leather Passions! I'll probably watch it on the weekend.He's The Great One, savior of humanity after the Rad Wars almost drove us into extinction, grand creator of the Game, made to help humans reach their true potential!>Probably because it's the "goto" joke for any animu parody.Jesus christ, just say "good animation" there is literally no need to use random jap wordsWhy didn't you like it? The ratings are back to releasing on the normal Tuesday or Wednesday now?Golden Wind holding pretty well, but it seems Fire Force is maybe dragging the block down? Really rooted for the Leptons when they joined together in their camaraderie to score that epic win against the BBBz. What inbred woman wouldn't be head over heels for that>posting the cherry picked director with few off-the wall scenes instead of anything from s1(augenblick)Pretty sure that was the point of the show- Middling to low quality animation for most of the runtime, with 1-2 busts of good animation here and there.The whole thing feels like an 80s anime, and that was pretty much what they did back then.If you actually care about anime you don't make shitty Sailor moon reference in 2018.Nah, they do the obligatory super-kawaii pretty soldier parodies, but there's also plenty of other shit that's so weird it feels authentically anime. You were def the kid in school who annoyed everybody by hating what others liked.So? Final Space is an American adult animated space opera comedy-drama television series created by Olan Rogers for TBS.The series involves a prisoner named Gary Goodspeed and his alien friend, Mooncake, and focuses on their intergalactic adventures as they try to solve the mystery of the titular "Final Space". Dodge the Wayward Strikes of Cupid's Calamitous Quiver!

They will get another player, and they'll be a ballmaster if they want some actual rivalry.Are you seriously thinking hard about an Adult Swim cartoon? Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcutsCookies help us deliver our Services. It’s a good show. Atonement, Now! Just because they don't use it doesnt mean we shouldn't.Besides, we dont use their word to be them. I love the whole speech thing flip champion does every episode. Well that's a rough start for Fire Force, and it seemed to drag down the rest of the block with it.Yeah I don’t think people are too excited with a rerunI'm honestly surprised, as I thought people would want to see the reruns to get hype for Season 2. airing Saturday, June 27th, 2020 @ 2:00 AM on Toonami. Her pose was clearly not what they made out of it.It's just a funny thing to snicker at about.