Little did he know, I was actually participating in a global food-sharing movement.
To describe her experience, she answers a series of questions in the following “Inter(n)view.”As I was preparing to take on the role of Managing Director of the new Hunter Public Relations office in London, I was reflecting on an experience I had with a friend several years ago when he sent me a satirical article about people taking pictures of their food. She joined the health and social media teams during her internship. Technology, emerging social platforms, an acceptance of phones at the table and a slew of “ Creative ideas are a must have for that “stop in your tracks” branded backdrop for consumers and influencers to snap an Instagram and set the stage for that #CoachellaEnvy.

As part of Hunter PR’s 25th anniversary celebration, we announced the Barbara Hunter Fellow program to honor the agency’s founder.

As we broadened our scope of operations, a breakthrough finally came when we won the business of sizable Midwestern city. We always responded, although suspecting we didn’t have a prayer of being selected. Barbara visited us on Valentine’s Day this year and graciously answered a barrage of questions submitted by both Hunters and friends of Hunter on Facebook and Twitter. So why did I find myself recently sitting in front of a room full of 50+ bloggers—media-savvy bloggers who work with PR folks every day—who were desperate for some sort of clue about what exactly it is that PR people do and expect of them?One of the reasons why “The Big Game” is consistently one of the most watched live events of the year is because of the many layers of discovery and surprise, from the players enjoying their history-making moment to the over-the-top halftime spectacle to the ads that keep us entertained when there’s a break in action on the field. Consumers, influencers, and talent alike flock to these parties to show off their access to the most exclusive events, where the who’s who is partying, and the activations are on point.

Barbara Way Hunter, founder and former CEO of New York–based Hunter & Associates, Inc. (now Hunter Public Relations, LLC), was a trailblazer for women in public relations who aspire to own their own firm—to be the boss. We asked two Hunter moms to share their favorite Hunter Playdate moments and why this day was important to them as working parents.For Coachella festival-goers, it’s not just about the music lineup; in recent years the countless private and public-parties surrounding the festival have become destinations in and of themselves. Among the points emphasized: Do your homework, keep your eye on the target, never stop learning, be straightforward, don’t over promise and follow through. “I’d put on my hat, often with a veil, my white gloves and my high-heeled shoes, and go into the subway to go to work,” she told an audience of nearly 150 at a Museum of Public Relations event last week titled, “PR Women Who Changed History.” As a result, the business has grown in the very best way possible – through referrals.In the early days, many in our field looked down on efforts to promote products as simply “publicity,” not worthy of the term public relations. All but two turned us down, inferring they didn’t wish to work for women, and took off with their clients. Basically, what I learned is that common sense, good judgment, curiosity, integrity and follow-through, plus mastery of basic skills, will take one a long way. They say communication is the key to a great relationship.They say relationships are at the heart of Public Relations.They say PR practitioners are communications professionals.Knowing all that, we should be the world’s greatest communicators.

And 100 plus agency staff got to join in the fun, too.So, what really happens at a Hunter Playdate you ask? We took the risk anyway and went ahead, consolidated our resources, introduced salary parity for men and women and focused our business on consumer products, especially food and beverages.In those days we were frequently invited to make presentations to various prospective corporate clients as the token agency headed by women. Gone are the days of the boring step and repeat. Brands have an opportunity to insert themselves into these moments and reach an engaged audience at one of the biggest music festivals in the country. Founded in 1909 by Pendleton Dudley at the suggestion of Ivy Lee, the firm was known for its pioneering work in food and nutrition. In honor of Recently I had the opportunity to speak about integrated marketing and the future of PR at my alma mater, Hofstra University, in a conference sponsored by their As part of Hunter PR’s 25th anniversary celebration, we announced the Barbara Hunter Fellow program to honor the agency’s founder. Thirty children – ranging in age from eight months to 18 years – were invited to Hunter HQ to learn what their parents (and aunts and uncles and “aunts” and “uncles”) do at the office every day. But it’s important that brands activate in a meaningful and authentic way that excites the consumer, and as the expectation for engaging activations grows, brands are feeling the pressure to step it up.