Sgt. Other topics that will be addressed are Criminal Justice Reform, charging issues and drafting affidavits of probable cause.The courses are recommended as a yearly refresher for all law enforcement personnel.Conducted by Supervising Assistant Prosecutor LaJuan Tucker, Morris County Prosecutor’s OfficeIn a High Risk Stop the police officer is facing potentially dangerous individuals. Emerging technology has made it increasingly difficult to identify fraudulent documents. A little flirtation over a short stack and a little wink with a side of home fries is a great way to ...New Jersey Date Night is a series on NJ Flavor by relationship writer Craig Rogers.HACKENSACK, N.J. — City officials announced today that the Hackensack Fire Department has been awarded an Assistance to Firefighters grant from FEMA and the Department of Homeland Security. Attendees who are interested in becoming a certified PTC academy instructor must be willing to participate in two basic recruit classes per year.This is an ambitious course requiring research, preparation of lesson plans, and 5 videotaped classroom presentations. This course is will assist officers in preparing lesson plans, improve teaching strategies, and develop PowerPoint presentations.Successful completion of the Methods of Instruction Course is one of the requirements necessary to be certified by the Police Training Commission to teach in the Basic Police Class. There are many challenges related to planning, managing, and presenting a department budget.

In this program, participants, utilizing training weapons and live suspects, address the many aspects of high risk motor vehicle stops and the clearing of buildings. Identifying the challenges of the assignment and preparing our personnel for the future will assist them with becoming successful leaders.Purpose: This is a risk management program that was designed for First-Line Supervisors. Students who have undergone any type of eye surgery in the past 12 months must notify the Safariland Training Group prior to enrollment in an OC course. Bergen County 40 hr CIT Training ... Like +1 + Google Calendar + iCal Export. Instruction will include use of force, nomenclature and operation of firearms, care and cleaning of weapons, target evaluation and analysis, diagnosing shooter error, proficiency drills, range operation and management, firearm safety, basic shooting principles, various firearm-training exercises, subdued light firing, and shotgun training.Successful completion fulfills one of the five requirements for certification as a Police Training Commission Firearms Instructor to instruct in the Basic Course for Police Officers and the Basic Course for Corrections Officers.The other requirements being, three years’ experience in firearms training, two years of college, completion of a Methods of Instruction Course, as well as the endorsement of the Academy Director, Agency Chief and Academy Rangemaster.This three-day course will provide the sending agency with a certified instructor in Police Traffic Radar Operations, who will then be able to certify and re-certify radar operators at the department level.

These role-play scenarios will be created by the agency’s instructor, using actual calls from their database as examples and according to their agency’s specific protocols.Upon completion of the course, the communications officer should be able to:Ascertain additional information about the crime scene regarding:Conducted by Dennis L Snyder Jr. and Donald Smith, 911 System Operations CoordinatorsThe student will learn past and present case law specifically to NJ. During this workshop, the student will actively participate in several pre‐scripted role‐play scenarios including home intrusion, rape and domestic violence. Class is limited to 30, one officer per department.Conducted by the State of New Jersey, Division of Highway Traffic SafetyA required course for 9-1-1 Telecommunicators.

This class does The students are also exposed to the methodology of investigating computer-related crimes and how to deal with victims of such. Designed By Bergen Technology Group A department’s ability to reduce crime and improve services can be negatively impacted by a lack of funds. © 2020 Bergen County New Jersey. Through the use of this new technology, the attendee will learn how to react to various traffic elements such as pedestrians, other vehicles and road conditions, and how to predict possible conflict with other highway users. Training our officers with knowledge and legal tactics will prevent embarrassment and lawsuits from misinterpretations of the law.THIS COURSE BENEFITS ALL DIVISIONS OF A POLICE DEPT, NOT JUST PATROL!The purpose of this course is to provide the knowledge and skills necessary to properly handle suicidal callers. This class will include practical exercises and demonstrations.This course is being offered after the Basic Police Class graduates so that the recently graduated police officers can attend this course.Conducted by the Morris County Department of Law and Public Safety, Communications DivisionThe emphasis of this one-day tactical communications course is to better equip dispatchers for their critical role in assisting the officer in life-threatening incidents. It’s a real good idea to know what you’re doing beyond the handful of suggested boxes on the front of the ticket book!Retirement Planning seminars take a step-by-step approach to the retirement process and explain what happens after you submit your application. It is understood by the undersigned that the Police Training Commission has approved the Bergen County Law and Public Safety Institute (Police Training Academy) to conduct a program entitled the Alternate Route Basic Course for Police Officers.