The leaves stay...(Sambucus canadensis). All of our garden seeds are non-GMO.

Each seed packet contains approximately 50 untreated open pollinated goji berry seeds.

Whatever your medical needs, … These are the reasons we think seeds are so incredible &...(Aronia melanocarpa) Deciduous shrub. Also known as blue barberry, Oregon Grape grows to 8 feet, has beautiful holly-like leaves, prickly stems and deliciously tart berries! Stalks are pink, tender and I'll say sweet, on the rhubarb sweetness scale....(Amelanchier alnifolia) Zones 3 - 7.

This mulberry is a cold hardy Russian variety, first introduced to North America...*** Also available in our Mulberry Forest collection! We specialize in flower, fruit, herb and vegetable seeds. Zones 4-8. 115 days. Fresh fruit is Nature's candy; it tastes so good when it comes from your own back yard. Natural Seed Bank is an online retailer of garden seeds. Let us help you find what you need New to DHgate? A very heavy producer of bright orange berries that make highly nutritious juice. The leaves of Stawberry Spinach are triangular, toothy and are best enjoyed...75 days. The...Schisandra, Wu-wei-zi (Schisandra chinensis) Deciduous, woody vine. The goji berry has gained quite the reputation in recent years; it’s high antioxidant content has earned it the “superfood” title in many a...75 days. Grows in sandy and well drained areas. Berry Seeds Find your best-fitted berry seeds from DHgate Canada site. This wondrous tree is native to Northern China and produces super sweet, pinkish-white berries. Kiwi Vine, also known as Tara Vine, is a fabulous multi purpose plant.This vigorous, climbing vine provides a beautiful garden backdrop, with leaves...*** Also available in our Mulberry Forest, Your Orchard and Your Deluxe Orchard collections! Here is where you'll find seeds to grow them all. Perennial. If you like to grow medicinal...Goji (Lycium chinensis) – Perennial Shrub. Ground cherries, often called "husk cherries", are similar to tomatillos in appearance, but differ completely in flavour! Zones 3-8. Elderberry, commonly called American Black Elder, is a beautiful and useful plant - a wonderful addition to any garden! Fresh fruit is Nature's candy; it tastes so good when it comes from your own...There is NOTHING more rewarding than harvesting fruit from your own orchard! Large selection. Victoria is a gentle, mild rhubarb that is just superb for cooking. Berry bushes! (Solanum burbankii) Annual. Berry trees! Berries to feed the birds! Buy Berry Seeds. The berries can be substituted in for...(Rheum rhabarbarum) Perennial.

Annual. Happy snacking! Look no farther than Growers Choice! Schisandra berries are adaptogenic, increase...Seabuckthorn (Hippophae rhamnoides) A perennial shrub and nitrogen fixer.

Here, you can find the finest Canada cannabis seeds on the market, backed by an amazing 90% germination guarantee, and a responsive, supportive customer service team. A wonderful, low growing native plant. The dreams of Winter waiting. Alpine strawberries are a variety of wild strawberry. Cranberry, or American Cranberry, is a low-growing, creeping shrub with small glossy leaves, fuchsia-pink flowers and cheerful, bright red cranberries in Fall. Whether to comfort or decoration, we provide a range of styles to assist you in making appropriate choices of Copyright Notice © 2004 - 2020 All rights reserved. Sunberry also known as Wonderberry, produces small and tasty, purple fruit. This is a fun one: Dinner and dessert all in one place! Pick only darkest berries without any green for...The dreams of Winter waiting. The hope of Spring planting. Goji Berry Seeds Goji berry (Lycium Barbarum) is a deciduous plant that grows up to 3 meters high. Schisandra is native to Northern China and has a long time history in Traditional Chinese Medicine. The exact genetics are Highland Thai and Oregon Purple Thai crossed with an Afghani male. You come to a bit of a...(Viburnum trilobum)  Zones 2 - 7. The reward of Autumn's harvest. The plants are prolific producers of tasty strawberries. Fast worldwide delivery These seeds, which have been stratified ready to sow, have been collected from Tupi, one of the very best cultivars sold for sweet snacking. This old world fruit is growing in popularity here in Canada, and...*** Also available in our Mulberry Forest collection! All Categories My DHgate View Cart ( 0 DHL-HK,SF eParcel,DHL,FEDEX_IE,FEDEX_IP,ePacket,UPS,TNT,UPS- Abroad Delivery,DHL- Abroad Delivery,TNT- Abroad Delivery,Fedex- Abroad Delivery,Fedex IE - HEAVY,Fedex IP - HEAVY *Excited about growing Fruit & Nut trees from seed? Annual. Picture it: You're walking through the forest. Zones 2-6. Morus Alba is... (Mahonia aquifolium) Zones 4-8. Deciduous. DJ Short created Blueberry pulling from a pool of landrace strains that he collected during his travels through Southeast Asia and Latin America.

The hope of Spring planting. Buy Cannabis Seeds in Canada Looking for the best cannabis seeds the industry has to offer? Blueberry is an extraordinary strain that’s known for its incredible blueberry taste with a deeply relaxing and cerebral high.

Find your best-fitted berry seeds from DHgate Canada site. Whether to comfort or decoration, we provide a range of styles to assist you in making appropriate choices of bush seeds online.