Considered one of the most recognized brands in surfing, Wavestorm is known for crafting quality boards at an affordable price. Almond Surfboards created the Secret Menu with a deep awareness of the role we play when it comes to protecting the natural world. Checkout the breakdown below.Boards above 8 ft are going to provide a larger footprint for beginners without any surfing experience. But fear not my surf-enthused friend – The Adventure Junkies took the time to curate the gnarliest list of the best surfboards for beginners. Pop up with confidence and turn with ease in smaller waves.

Endorsed and ridden by Pro Surfer Ben “Gravy” Graeff, this fish board is a must have in your quiver. These are long enough to provide the stability necessary for beginners without experience to feel comfortable on the water.Boards in the 6 – 8 foot range we consider to be a “medium” length. This setup on medium length boards is aimed more at intermediate and advanced beginners.With just 2 fins on either side, the Twin Fin setup is designed to create speed and maximum maneuverability. Let’s you hit the water at a reasonable price Foamies provide more stability for beginners due to their heavy weightA heavier board means a more difficult walk to the waterWarm water surfing on a foamie can lead to board rash. They range from 6' to 9' sizes.

The SHORTBUS is an appealing board and should be considered by anyone looking to have some fun on the water.Catch Surf teamed up with Pro Surfer Jamie O’Brien to collaborate on a whole collection of products, including this super shredder of a board. The high volume fish shape gives the Skipper Quad the ability to make quick work of smaller surf, while the quad fin setup establishes stability, speed, power, and maximum turnability in medium sized swells.

This makes hard tops a more desirable option for the intermediate to advanced beginnerA great investment that is repairable!

The rocker helps the board paddle quickly into waves and maintain speed once you’re up. Although it falls into the smaller end of the “Medium length” category, the added thickness and shape of the Ben Gravy make this board ideal for true beginners who desire a hard top board and for intermediate beginners who need a more nimble board to practice their turning.Be forewarned though, this is a hardboard that requires waxing before use and you’ll need to purchase an ankle leash separately.Ah… sweet, buttery carving – no, not the Thanksgiving kind. Intermediate and advanced beginners will appreciate this size as it gives them more control over their board.Advanced beginners who have mastered all of the basic surfing skills will find shortboards and fishboards opening a whole new world of possibilities. The extra set of fins provide better tracking without sacrificing speed. But don’t let that sway you away from soft tops; even pro surfers use them in certain wave conditions. The Thruster setup is characterized by 3 fins: 1 in the center towards the rear of the board with 2 flanking fins positioned further forward. But even professional surfers had to start somewhere, which is why we’ve pulled together a list of the best surfboards for beginners, so you can experience the rush of the waves for the first time too.The last 50 years have seen traditional logging (longboarding) give way to the short board revolution of the 1970’s, then to the neon-clad performance surfing of the 1980’s, to the professional world of the 1990’s. Top Pick – Best Surfboards for Beginners.

Foamies are also extremely durable, meaning you can beat up these boards as you learn the basics without fear of totally trashing an expensive hard top.Lastly, soft tops tend to be a bit thicker than hard tops, lending themselves to greater buoyancy and making your task of learning the sport that much easier.

Check out our If you’re relatively new to surfing and looking to master your skills in a safe way, a soft top surfboard is going to be your best bet. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish.

While the Mahi is a little on the expensive side, this board offers a smooth ride, helps to easily catch waves much earlier in each set, and a strong, hard bottom deck makes it an excellent option for beginners and veteran surfers alike. This can be mitigated by wearing board shorts or a t-shirtAre more prone to waterlogging and do not last nearly as long as a hard top boardMuch lighter than a soft top, which can positively affect performance when learning how to turn your board.

The Flash is built with a slick soft deck and bottom that glides over the water, making it a super quick board that catches everythingWith the FCS II system, you don’t need any screws or tools to secure the fins.

The flanking fins provide more agility and lend stability to fast turns. He has also led countless group tours into the wilderness and has taught a variety of outdoor skills clinics.Want to learn more about a technical term?