What does the world know?Once again, Foreman does a great job bringing this song home vocally. I can’t argue with anything on it as they are all great. In many respects, Heavy and even a bit dark (no pun intended! Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. I was singing it at the top of my lungs.I like that one too.

I like it when blogging nation do lists as its ​neat to read about other dudes favorites in movies and music!Same here! Stars – Nothing Is Sound; Stars is hard rock at its finest and feels like a breakout or break away from their mainstream hit “Dare You To Move” from a few years earlier. Switchfoot Song list. (One of my more memorable Switchfoot music sometimes tears your heart out, head bangs you into the ground and occasionally they combine both their hard rock roots along with emotional melodies that keep you coming back for more. But I can’t leave you without a little bit of sound because I really wanted it on this list.Nice. ), I remember the first time I heard “Dark Horses.” Of course it was live and I couldn’t believe this was Switchfoot. Great guitars throughout and that opening riff sets the pace. The band is made up of Jon Foreman, Tim Foreman, Chad Butler, Drew Shirley, and Jerome Fontamillas. They gave me a “mixed” CD and it wasn’t long before I attended a Though I did not discover them when they sort of rocketed to fame in 2002 thanks to the movie Regardless, Switchfoot found success with a Christian audience and though they do not consider themselves a “Christian” band, singer Jon Foreman, bass guitarist Tim Foreman, drummer Chad Butler, keyboardist Jerome Fontamillas and guitarist Drew Shirley don’t shy away from their beliefs. I had that song on repeat the whole drive home from work one night…it was a 35 minute drive that night!!! Lol. And Switchfoot wouldn't be Switchfoot without proving to their fans that they have stayed grounded despite all the accolades. Criminally underrated. My only difference is I truly and utterly love “If the House Burns Down Tonight”. Culled from material recorded between 2003 and 2007, Playlist: The Very Best of Switchfoot collects 14 tracks from the popular Christian alt-rockers, including the mega-hits "Stars" and "Meant to Live." In fact, if I recall correctly, I may have originally thought it was a cover, but no way. This is a complete list of the 127 songs done by Switchfoot. I was first introduced to Switchfoot 15 years or so ago by some of the students I managed in the fund-raising call center at a university. Awesome Look forward to it. Probably half the fans in attendance at any given concert got their start on that dare. They had many I had to leave on the table.Begin typing your search above and press return to search. hahaGreat list. Great guitars throughout and that opening riff sets the pace.When I first heard “Float” I was a bit floored just because I knew Switchfoot was trying new things and taking a different approach to their song writing. Culled from material recorded between 2003 and 2007, 7 Press Esc to cancel.Music Reviews You Won't Get Anywhere Else – Concert reviews, album reviews, sometimes a book review and the occasional artist interview when the timing hits just right. They have released 9 albums since 1997, and have had many hit singles spanning different decades. I told you Switchfoot has more and a whole lot more. Best Switchfoot Songs. To do this, they included a generous helping of 18 songs on The Best Yet (plus 14 videos on the Deluxe Edition), almost a third of which were culled from their early years on the re:Think label. Drew Shirley says what he needs to on guitar as to why he was a solid pick-up for the band in 2005.Put away any notion you might have that Switchfoot is simply a pop act. Switchfoot is an American Christian alternative rock band out of San Diego, California. “Dark Horses” is all Switchfoot. Been introduced to a lot of new bands and much thanks to you! “Afterlife” opens “Your Love is a Song” beat out “The Sound” off the same album simply for Jon Foreman’s heart-aching vocals.

Here is a collection of all their album titles and the top 15 singles from the veteran Christian group Switchfoot. more importantly, they sound like cool guys. Clearly I’m a sap for these types of songs but seriously when the band pulls back and lets Foreman sing, just listen. A classic pop song, Switchfoot does a great job incorporating various musical elements into “We Are One Tonight” as they set up the chorus with a great crescendo in the pre-chorus than dial it back in the verse part of the song.Nope, “Dare You to Move’ didn’t make the list. Love that Live album after Throwing Cooper called Secret Samahadi or whatever it was called!

Adding To The Noise (2003) Afterlife (2011) All or Nothing at All (2014) Always (2009) Awakening (2006) Ba55 (2014) Back to the Beginning Again (2014) Bullet Soul (2009) Dare You To Move (2003) Dark Horses (2011) Enough To Let Me Go (2009) Float (2016) Free (2009) Gone (2003) Happy Is a Yuppie Word (2005) Hello Hurricane (2009) Let It Out … A Adding to the Noise Against The Voices Afterlife All Or Nothing At All Always Amateur Lovers American Dream Ammunition Amy's Song Another Christmas (Old Borego) Awakening B Back to the Beginning Again BA55 Beautiful Letdown… Like any band with a radio hit, Switchfoot always plays that song live and they have to.