Arbor Mist Blackberry Merlot is a delicious blend of full-bodied merlot and natural blackberry flavor; two tastes join forces for an unexpected favorite. When I choose fruit to grow, I try to have something ripe a different times. Bottle the blackberry wine and age in the bottle at least 4 to 6 months. Also, I may optionally put in a few toasted oak cubes.At this point, I let the carboy sit about a month or longer. The fruity taste from tge blackberry makes a great glaze for cakes and strudel. it sounds good. I was thinking about giving it a try with the bottled Welches Red Grape Juice. just wondering how sweet your wine is and should we decrease the amount of sugar? we make blackberrie wine each year this year we have one big butt load of berries. For instance, first I get my strawberries, then after those are finished I start to get blueberries. Once again, I use my auto-siphon with the anti-sediment tip attached. I found that if you try for over 16%, the yeast may die early so you have very sweet 12% wine, but if done carefully and temperature monitored throughout, 16% is achievable. I chose to plant a thorn-less variety. but we don’t like very sweet wine. It may take a half hour to stir out the bubbles. Limited edition magnum bottles (1.5 liters) are available. This is my all new website on how to make wine at home. i do it this way and get a fine tasting wine.

You will need to freeze them, as you will not be able to have that many blackberries all perfectly ripe at the same time easily. So, when you crush them, you will have much more than the 3 gallons of water.I was looking at your recipe for Blackberry Wine, but in the directions, you keep talking about elderberries. Are you using a larger container?I think my Primary is 7 and a half gallons or something like that… Your Primary needs to be larger than what you are making, as it will overflow in the beginning stages of fermentation. Do a little more mashing and stirring. If you don’t have the elderberries, you can leave those out, but I kind of like what they do to this blackberry wine recipe. The Chitosan is a shellfish derivative, so I avoid it in all of my recipes. Cover and wait 12 hours.12 hours later, add the pectic enzyme and stir it in well. The fruity taste from tge blackberry makes a great glaze for cakes and strudel. After that time, I take a specific gravity reading and it should be really dry, something like .990 or in that neighborhood. When I am comfortable with that reading, I take the net bag out, and with very clean hands, I gently squeeze the juice from the bag into the primary fermentor. It came out really nice the last time I made it, so I am sharing that blackberry wine recipe.When making this blackberry wine recipe, try to pick your blackberries at the peak of ripeness. But I must have missed something. The perfect combination of Southern Piedmont soils and climate contributes to the delicious old timey taste of this superb Southern wine. I recently moved to a place with ample wild blackberries in the back. It wouldn’t be the Blackberry Festival without blackberry wine!
Some things I would add is to check the hydrometer and thermometer before adding the yeast, to choose the alcohol content you hope for. Mash them really good, then tie the bag closed.Pour the sugar water on top of the now closed mesh bag in the primary fermentor. The Chester blackberries start to ripen just after the harvest of the Triple Crown blackberries.