Bob's Burgers is a weekly animated television series on FOX's Sunday night line-up, alongside the likes of Family Guy and the Simpsons. Seasons. "Bob's Burgers" is an American animated sitcom which premiered on Fox in January of 2011, but has been airing on Adult Swim from 2013. The kids might find him boring (in a recent episode, Louise wrote a story where he could literally bore people to death), but I find his stories fascinating. Several episode plot lines involve the children's escapades in and out of school. We can smell Aunt Gayle’s cat’s litter boxes just thinking about it! Plus, she’s voiced by Jenny Slate, who is awesome.Sure, Rudy can’t do too much if he doesn’t have his inhaler. The restaurant has to compete with several other local eateries for business. Dr. Yap tries way too hard to be cool, but he still seems like a decent guy at heart, so we love him anyway.I don’t love Jimmy Jr. quite as much as Tina does, but he still deserves a spot here. There are various recurring characters in the series including Jimmy Pesto, Sr. (Other recurring characters include customers Teddy (The original pilot can be seen on the DVD release of the first season, released on April 17, 2012.The ingredients of a hamburger fall into place on a white screen, and Bob's hands appear underneath to hold it. Rowan Kaiser of Season 3 has a Rotten Tomatoes score of 80% based on 5 reviews, Season 4 has a score of 100% based on 6 reviews, season 5 has a score of 100% based on 7 reviews, and season 6 has 100% based on 7 reviews.After airing, the show became the highest-rated series premiere of the season and also finished 9th in the ratings for the week it aired.On July 18, 2018, Loren Bouchard said that the script has been submitted and accepted by the studio. The first season through the current season of the show are available on the However, as the first season progressed and concluded and the second began, critics began giving the series praise. Many people love the show is its … Prank You for Being a Friend; Local She-ro; Poops!… I Didn't Do It Again; The Handyman Can; Tappy Tappy Tappy Tap Tap Tap; Upcoming Episodes … Episodes will sometimes involve a single storyline involving all of the Belchers, or will have two simultaneous stories for different groups of the family. The sequence consists of Bob cooking a burger and Louise and Tina doing prep.

The show was created by Loren Bouchard. Every episode features one or more "Today's Special" burgers on a chalk board on the wall behind the counter. 13-year-old Tina, at the beginning of adolescence, struggles with her attraction to boys. Since its premiere, Bob's Burgers has showcased a menagerie of unique characters. In an article where the writers of the show rank the best 10 musical numbers of the first three seasons, show creator and theme composer Loren Bouchard explains that the ukulele track in the theme is an edited version of the first recording he did, as well as the first take in 2008. The most common target for her affections is Pesto's eldest son, Jimmy Junior. The other family members appear around him one at a time, beginning with Linda and ending with Louise. In its five seasons on the air, Bob’s Burgers has created a glorious array of colorful characters. Plus, he’s been very patient during all those times the Belchers were late with their rent, which should be good for something.Linda’s cat-loving sister (who’s also a big fan of Boyz4Now) deserves some love here. Bob's Burgers Wiki. Bob's Burgers focuses on the Belcher family as they run the eponymous burger joint, where they run into all types of people from the city and the kids' school..

Perhaps he might even try to rope us into bizarre quarantine science fairs & fashion shows. The name of the special is usually a play on words that indicates what comes on the burger (ex. Louise is the scheming troublemaker, seeking revenge, riches, or adventure, often dragging her siblings along; she puts on a face of fearlessness, but is still afraid of some things, like the dentist. Who could forget when she serenaded her high-school sweetheart with the line, “Won’t you enter my Acropolis and make my yogurt Greek?”Anyone who’s ever dealt with an irritating, wimpy authority figure can relate to Mr. Frond.

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