Structurally rated lag bolts screws are available, but most home centers carry generic versions of varying quality. Grade 2 - Low Carbon Steel - up to 3/4" proof load 55000 psi, minimum tensile strength 74000 psi - 3/4" - 1/1/2" proof load 33000 psi, minimum tensile strength 66000 psi; Grade 5 - Medium Carbon Steel, Quenched and Tempered - up to 1" proof load 85000 psi - 1" - 1/1/2" proof load 74000 psi, minimum tensile strength 105000 psi A bolt, on the other hand, is not self-tapping and requires a nut to stay secure.Screws and bolts also differ in shape and cost — screws are often tapered, while bolts are not, and bolts tend to cost more than screws.Yes, bolts provide greater holding strength than screws. Blog Material matters.There are some materials that could require either a screw or a bolt assembly for fastening. A Other names for an Allen key screw include Allen bolt, socket screw and Knowing when to use bolts instead of screws, or vice versa, can be a challenge until you have more experience. Bolts are also best when the finished project is meant to be assembled and disassembled easily.Whether you’re using sheet metal, wood, concrete or drywall for your DIY undertaking, you want to think about how it applies to bolts vs. screws. 307A is the indication of the strength of the bolt.

Some of our calculators and applications let you save application data to your local computer. For example, a 2” x 4” might be best fastened as a stud that is part of the framework for a wall using screws, but for an application like a deck assembly, bolts are likely a better choice. This is partly due to the presence of the washer, which spreads out the load over a larger surface area. The benefit of a pneumatic wrench is that it provides much more torque than a handheld tool, which makes your job easier.Having a general understanding of bolts and screws will help you decide when to use bolts instead of screws.Before choosing a side in the bolts vs. screws debate for your next project, think about these three factors:Your project is the biggest factor in whether you use screws or bolts. However, these fasteners are not the same. It has, again, the manufacturers markings: the XYLX and then it says 307A. Remember: bolts provide a tremendous amount of holding strength whereas screws offer a middle-ground for holding power. Before choosing a side in the bolts vs. screws debate for your next project, think about these three factors: Application. Google use cookies for serving our ads and handling visitor statistics. Some notes from ISO 898 metric screw threads standards: Light to medium construction projects, like for fencing or framing, are best for screws.