When not in his signature red armor, Danny wears a red hoodie with a red jacket over it and blue-grey pants. 6.5K 158 14. Chris asked surprised. Only on Cartoon Hangover Select on VRV: Bravest Warriors season 3 is FREE to watch on VRV! Hans Christian Teet-Phanters was Danny's childhood bully, who would torment Danny in the Martian Badlands. 3. 'So cute' he thought. Rate. He kept repeating the phrase, 'Danny is just a friend' to himself. He took a deep breath and walked over to his friend's bed. When Danny was younger, he and his parents lived in the Martian Badlands, A.K.A. Danny noticed this and smirked more and a small laugh came along with it."Really?" Chris was the blond leader of the profound Bravest Warriors. He's a confident rebel, taking great prime in being part of the As a moody tech-headed inventor, Danny thinks he's only looking out for himself, but in fact, he's here for a purpose to serve the greater good. He is a vain yet insecure inventor, with a moody and rebellious edge. Danny Vasquez is the most mischievous and comical member of the Bravest Warriors. "Though, that was only part of what I wanted." Chris jumped and turned towards his friend.

He pulled Chris closer with each moment. "What'cha doing in here? " Danny was a robot and technology maker and freak. Sein Tier ist eine Biene, die sich in ein Schwert mit Bienenschwarm verwandeln kann. Hans Christian Teet-Phanters is the leader of the Low-Gravity Hacker Lads shown in "Dan Before Time". Rate. 6.7 (68) 0.

Error: please try again. Filter by post type. Danny smiled again.

I refuse to suck myself into another gay blue and red ship it’s not gonna happen–Me: *gets to the episode where Danny makes a robot version of Chris in order to make Chris jealous and in the end roboChris ends up falling in love with Danny and even tries to get Danny’s attention by putting on a sexy dance*ahh es hermoso la combinación de azul, verde y rojo <3When the brows look good, you know your day will be good. Chris said shyly.

4. Rate . Danny said bending his head. It was created by animator Pendleton Ward, also the creator of Cartoon Network's Adventure Time, and written, show run, and directed by Breehn Burns. Rate. Chris blushed and looked away."Y-YEP!" Danny hugged him tighter. He often embarrassed Danny in public using a garage door remote which he hacked so that when pushed, Danny would throw up. S1, Ep10. He had never seen Danny like this. 2.

0. Danny put his hands around Chris, bring him closer. Bravest Warriors, an animated teen sci-fi comedy series, follows best friends Chris, Beth, Danny, and Wallow as they navigate their ever-changing emotions while warping through the universe to uphold their sworn oath to save all adorable creatures from galactic do-badders. When Danny feels the Bravest Warriors would be better off without him, a strange extra-dimensional being takes him to see what life would be like if he never existed. Their lips connected. Set in the year 3085, Bravest Warriors follows four teenaged heroes-for-hire (Chris Kirkman, Beth Tezuka, Danny Vasquez, and Wallow) and their friends (Impossibear, Catbug, and Plum) as they warp through the universe to save adorable aliens and their worlds using the power of their emotions. 5.8.

In the dump, you have had a terrible life.

Text. Chris said stuttering more. In the early morning hours Chris and Danny fly from the Bravest Warriors Invisible Hideout on a mission of the utmost importance... to buy cereal for Beth. You never knew what you needed until they came.

Chris: Right……JUST WANNA BURY MY FACE IN YOUR FLUFFY LITTLE TUM!Time to turn up with Beth and Plum in the new episode of Bravest Warriors! His best friend had said that he wanted to have sex with him. Rate.

A Bravest Warriors Fanfic by alive. Through the years, the two have been as close as two Sugar... wallow; cartoon; cute +15 more #4. Bravest Warriors is an American animated series set onwards from the year 3085, that follows four teenage heroes-for-hire as they warp through the universe to save adorable aliens and their worlds using the power of their emotions. He smiled at this. Chris was a little taller, but still they weren't that different in sizes. He turned away from Danny, who still laid asleep. In the series, there is a possibility that they will one day get married, but it is unclear since that relationship would only happen if Chris follows the path of the Zarpap. Chris asked Danny with a tiny hint of fear in his voice. 1. In the dump, you have had a terrible life. Danny said putting his head on Chris's shoulder. Chris could only say his name. He also wears large crimson and yellow boots that are part of his armor.

Should he say yes or no? He has a sticker on his chest, that when rubbed produces his dog themed gattling gun. He always knew that Danny could a little despite, but this?! There, he was constantly teased because his nipples showed through his shirt and all he ever wore were hooded skin-tight unitards. 2. 0. You never knew what you needed until they came. He face was red. His best friend, the one that he knew everything about, had wanted to make out with him. BRAVEST WARRIORS! Chris backed away. Rate. 9.

Photo. Danny yearned to be a member of the Low Gravity Hacker Pack, a group of kids who hacked for fun. 3. All posts.

Danny said putting his hands on his waist. In late season four, they had a secret romantic relationship. Danny spoke out loud. 21 Feb. 2013 Ultra Wankershim. Quote. A really good cartoon created by Hentleton Ward, (creator of Adventure Time) If you don't know what Bravest Warriors is, I HIGHLY recommend looking it up on youtube. 19 Oct. 2018 You're Walkin' Tough Baby But You're Walkin' Blind - Part 1. His signature weapon is his dog gatling gun. bravest warriors danny < > Most recent.

Danny grabbed Chris by the collar, pulling him closer. Rate . He didn't know what to do. Chris gently brushed his hands through Danny's soft, brown hair. The leader, Danny skates the line between supreme honking egotism and a cosmic gulf of self-hatred.