VAT no. You will not attend and use the Goods and / or Services provided by Fitness Playground whilst You are suffering from illness, disease, injury or any other condition that could present a risk to the health and / or safety of other members, guests and / or employees of Fitness Playground or Yourself.You undertake to notify Us of any changes to Your health and / or existing medical conditions. This offer is exclusively for first time visitors and local residents who are 18 years and older. Should You not be booked to a class, You are not guaranteed a position within the class and Fitness Playground reserves the right to refuse entry to a class. She sampled as many sports as her school would allow and ended up lettering in most of them, including softball, track, boys' golf and her game of choice, soccer. A pro-rata payment will apply if Your commencement date is not in line with the billing schedule set by Fitness Playground.Fitness Playground reserves the right to use the services of a third-party billing company to deduct membership fee payments.If the direct debit option is taken, Your membership fees will be direct debited from Your nominated bank account or credit card.

Where Fitness Playground is required to provide any written notification, Fitness Playground will send the notice to the email or home address on the Enrolment for Membership or any updated address You have provided to Us since joining. If You have any questions or concerns about privacy, or if You would like further information about Our privacy practices, please contact Fitness Playground.If You are using internet and social media in the Gym and in Our facilities, You must abide by the terms of use and Rules and use the internet and social media channels accordingly. Fitness Playground is not responsible or liable for any breach to Your privacy, security or harassment or bullying which You may encounter online or while using Our internet, shared network and / or machinery.Your Fitness Playground Contract is subject to Australian law and is governed by the state laws where your home Gym is located.However, under certain legislative provisions, We may ask You to agree that these conditions do not apply to You. The Fitness Bunker is also the new home for Lakewood Nutrition, which means it’s easy to grab a protein shake post-workout.According to Shults, the pair first got the idea for this kind of one-stop shop gym over a decade ago, when she was working as a police officer in Raleigh, NC and Rachuna was working as a personal trainer in Jamestown.“We didn’t even know each other,” she said. pw. 7 W Aylesbury Rd, Suite H Timonium, MD 21093 (609) 477-4623. At SUNY Geneseo, Cortney traded soccer cleats for ice skates on the women's club hockey team. Join. We are buzzing to have him onboard and be part of an unreal team of top trainers. Your membership with Fitness Playground will continue until adequate cancellation criteria has been met and agreed with an authorised officer of Fitness Playground in accordance with this clause.If you are unable to use the Gym for the remainder of Your membership term (the Transferor Member), You may apply to transfer Your Fitness Playground Contract to another person (the Transferee Member). Your parent or guardian acknowledges and agrees to be fully responsible for all claims, actions, damages, injuries and / or loss to property and / or any other person, which is incurred by You as a result of You being supervised or unsupervised in the Gym.If you are under 18-years-old, Fitness Playground may recommend the use of a personal trainer to You.

Get started with a free 7 day trial At Hussle you can buy a day gym pass or a Monthly+ Pass for A gym day pass for The Bunker Gym is £6.30 when you purchase from Hussle. Yes. the bunker gym, 162 anson road, london nw2 6bh. You won't be disappointed with our Fitness Bunker Logo Embroidered Gloves. Iron Bunker shirts are coming!!! Perhaps the most distinctive feature about the gym is its strong connection with the surrounding community and its desire to promote other local businesses.“We’re a tight-knit community here inside the village of Lakewood,” Rachuna said. Club Bunker Gym Newstead The gym you wish you joined sooner Memberships from $14.90 / week No join fee | No lock in contracts Hit the link to join now! We reserve the right to refuse entry and / or terminate Your membership if, in our reasonable opinion, You do not satisfy the medical and / or physical conditions required to participate in any activities of Fitness Playground and You do not provide Us with medical clearance to prove otherwise.You recognise that Fitness Playground personal trainers and / or staff are not able to provide You with medical advice regarding medical fitness and that this information is issued as a guidance to the limitations of Your exercise ability.You must not conduct Yourself in a manner which will cause harm or discomfort to Yourself and / or other members.

This may change at any time in amount or frequency.Fitness Playground reserves the right to levy an administration fee, if required, to forward any outstanding accounts to a third-party collection agency. This applies if You are injured (including injury that results in death) because the services were not rendered with due care and skill, or they were not reasonably fit for their purpose.This change to Your rights does not apply if Your death or injury is due to Our gross negligence. 101 5698 33. “We can also customize a lot of our membership rates based on members’ needs and hours of availability.”For more information on membership rates, class offerings, and the new Fitness Bunker facility, visit the gym’s Facebook page or reach Shults and Rachuna at 526-4031. You are aware that if Your medical conditions change, You will need to sign and complete a medical form and you take sole responsibility for doing so.You will ensure that the information disclosed to Us will be true and accurate and not misleading in any way.