Downtown(ish) I am a bigger fan of Butcher and the Boar Beer Garden than I am of the actual restaurant inside.

With an atmosphere that resembles that of a steak house with dim lighting and leather chairs, the restaurant also highlights an open kitchen percolating an aroma of smoked meat throughout the entire dining room.

The waitress was amazing as well.It was okay, food wasted the best. I had a beer garden experience also. We didn't…" If you'd like to book our beer garden or a private dining room for your next event, contact # livefullboar Finally made it to B&B after hearing so much about it. The cheddar worst is incredible! Butcher And The Boar Beer Garden is usually a preferent opt for many of us. We made reservations, and were sat immediately which was awesome!Wow. He loved…"k2 Studios is a high-end rental studio for commercial and broadcast shoots that offers a comfortable, safe, and clean work environment that is ever accommodating and offers sustainable resources. Both the Brat, Beer, and a shot as well as the Burger, Beer, and a shot deal are highly recommended.

Butcher & the Boar has your weekend plans covered! Beer, bourbon, wine and some mouth watering cuts of meat.

I am a firm believer that a great cut of meat needs no sauce and should have a flavor itself. But not as good as the inside service and quality.You pay for the atmosphere. I cut down on call carbohydrates so no update on the French fries which were perfect in January. Then the word spread about how bad the k-cups are for the enviornment. That single serve was just perfect for that single girl life I lead. Butcher and the Boar doesn’t need another review. Inside staff was helpful, profession, approachable. The service was great. Felt like I was constantly having to scoot my chair a different direction for someone to get by.

My favorite was the prime rib! I have my dog with me a lot of the time so the beer garden is a perfect spot for us very spacious and the staff is always friendly. My husband had the special walleye and mini fillet mignons.

This review is preliminary, as I haven't quite made up my mind yet.

I have only eaten on the patio in both January and in the early summer. It's got such a cool, laid back vibe yet with the quality of fine dining. Open Tuesday-Saturday for dining in and curbside pickup. The Patio, Beer Garden and Restaurant will be open - 4-10.

We sat in the outdoor garden area in the middle of December! A few weeks ago I did.Butcher & The Boar is a great place no matter what you are looking for. I am a bigger fan of Butcher and the Boar Beer Garden than I am of the actual restaurant inside. I ended up ordering the blood sausage which I actually didn't care for at all. Had a good time sampling the many meat treats at this restaurant.

I had the Beef Long Rib it was one of the best things I have ever ate in my life. At Butcher & the Boar we serve ours with green goddess dressing, micro greens and radish. Really great experience.

The beer garden is WAY more casual than the restaurant inside, I recommend it for dinner before a Twins game, or after-work happy hour. Our beer garden will be closed tonight for a private event. It’s worth and worth is reasonable however it’s quality is high. I also ordered a Surly Hell ($6) from their Tap Beer Menu and a side of Creole Shrimp Mac & Cheese which was delicious- just look at the picture! My husband had the special walleye and mini fillet mignons.

It can get a bit spendy but the quality of food is top notch and it is a variety that is nice to try. American Craft Food, Beer & Bourbon. The Red hot Brussel sprouts are a crowd pleaser, and you cannot go wrong with the sausage sampler.

We are all anxiously awaiting the end of this global health crisis so that we can return to business as usual and invite you, our loyal guests, to dine with us once again. The more casual partner to the Butcher & the Boar dining room, serving great beers, brats, and sides in a clear covered tent.

!First things first: Thank you, Carrie! That included drinks, appetizers, sides, Main courses and dessert and coffee.

No doubt!

Although I knew it was going to be a pricey meal, I wanted to try something meaty that represented the city and region.The place is great for Corp happy hours and social hours , awesome shareables, great selection of beers and liquors , but it's a bit steep on the pocket . Smoked beef long rib and the hot Brussels sprouts are really the way to go, which I got based on the previous reviews and server recommendations. Will deffinitly be back when back in the area. This Hot & Ready to Eat “BBQ Pack” is one of our !

It was Flintstones size. I tried my friend's Berkshire Pork & Cheddar sausage and immediately wished I would have ordered that instead.

"My son moved near here so we thought we would try it. I love the atmosphere of a beer garden, and they have this awesome deal where you get a beer, a brat, and a shot for $12. Thank you to the entire team at Butcher & The Boar for the great experience!The bar is pretty dark for my but I really enjoyed the food and prices.Wonderful service / our waiter was absolutely fantastic and the people helping picking up the table and providing the water were absolutely terrific and fast I live across the street from this place and have been meaning to try it for the past year.