It’s another great step forward in our road to a diverse revenue stream.To that end, we’re recruiting our sales and business development manager to help drive revenue through Research Use Only Kits through service propositions and through CE mark products. The impact of the pandemic has been felt everywhere. So typically, you want to run, not just those a couples, because as you know, we have not picked the panel yet. And one of you might be signed I’m okay, but actually he is very sick. Volition is an epigenetics company focused on advancing the science of epigenetics and exploiting these advantages in human and animal health. We believe the last decade of work at Volition with our ever expanding team in epigenetics, puts us in an extremely strong position with our expensive IP portfolio to be a significant player in this key field. Thank you all for your time. It just shows that the rising part of our platform, it’s reproducible, reliable incredibly impressive work have done.So yes, so to be used prognostic test and we’re working on trials in Europe, which can be retrospective, that we can get data quite quickly. These results demonstrate the versatility of the Nu.Q platform and the range of applications for which these products can be leveraged to help increase diagnostic power. Welcome to the VolitionRx Limited’s Second Quarter 2020 Earnings Conference Call. So I like to tell they are working incredibly hard, especially we are working incredibly hard getting assays ready. So it’s a great start.And then it’s actually relating to the blood cancer product. Play video Cameron is an experienced entrepreneurial executive, with expertise in biotechnology companies. He went on to attend Texas A&M University, graduating in 1991. Presently, he occupies the position of President, Chief Executive Officer & … Goodbye. We have identified various risk factors associated with our operations in our most recent annual report on Form 10-K, quarterly reports on Form 10-Q, and other filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Overall, on so many fronts, with our ever-growing team and intellectual property, I am delighted with the progress we’re making, and I’m excited by the momentum we have developed in this epigenetics field. As I was talking to Mark, from Moscow given supplies, we have limited countries we can run, 25,000 there is actually a lot of work. It actually – as you can probably see, it’s quite surprise how good it’s been to have worked in a range of different subspecies so quickly. We also do intend to install a service lab in the new facility, which would undertake sample price I think for external parties, such as the pregnancy samples process as a service for names as mentioned on an earlier call.The other thing that this new facility would not only bring manufacturing of key components in-house, thereby securing our supply chain. In addition, he makes $659,509 as President, Chief Executive Officer, and Director at VolitionRX. It’s very hard to tell now whether you’re going to spiral down and say, takes of care quickly, or would you stay sick for a while, then we would get sick in the coupler or you recover, come back again. So we’ll have updates on that. But by CE marking the product, when you run it in trials it gets – it’s product ready immediately. I could not be proud of how hot the whole team has continued to work throughout this difficult time. Mr. Reynolds owns over 4,000 units of VolitionRX stock worth over $3,570,285 and over the last 6 years he sold VNRX stock worth over $0. 0.

Following our prepared remarks, we will open the conference call to a question-and-answer session. That’s exactly right. But NETosis or NET, so what we measure is protogenetic and it’s a long chain for protogenetic. These statements are based on our beliefs, as well as assumptions we have used based upon information currently available to us. I am hopeful that our Nu.Q epigenetic toolbox may have potential to help doctors and patients in the pandemic.I believe it may also be helpful in other respiratory viral outbreaks including influenza and pneumonia, particularly given that the current COVID tests are specific to strain or disease, which our Nu.Q tests are not.

But obviously, the more assays you put together, the more accurate typically. I mean, that can change if there’s an [indiscernible] COVID-related 16-week shutdown but, at the moment they’re on target for that. Cameron Reynolds grew up in Bryan, Texas, attending Bryan schools and graduating from Bryan High School in 1987.