And that would be Buffalo Bill (Clinton) with the disappearing hand. He nails it: Bill was an actual politician. Chelsea seems like an awfully untalented young man but hey, so was Bill, and Hillary.Snark aside, Rich kids deserve nothing they don’t earn. I have no idea how Zazzle manages to attract so many I love a mean review. at Can’t Hark, the resident lib*The clinton’s creep me out, especially Bill and his Lewinsky aged daughter, ChelseaWhat puzzles and fascinates me is the question: Why?Surely it must have become clear early in the process that she was going to be terrible at this kind of thing. hand pulled out of her…excuse me? Or Podunk. And congratulations on the first bit of snark based on my comment form.No doubt, Chelsea Clinton is being “groomed” for a political role of some kind. Sep 22, 2016 - by Chelsea Trousdale Illustration. The Duke of Nothingham is interesting because he’s a Duke. She has a face for radio. Let the Dems have the dead weight instead of someone new that might be competent.She’s a *celebrity*, that’s why. For, like, years. The Good Morning Britain presenter couldn't help but vent his frustration to his 7.6million followers on the I was rather astonished when it was announced that she was going into public performance, because that’s really all it is. Wife Swap Harris/Weasel 6 - Duration: 4:13. tinsel 4,749 views 4:13 Euthanizing of a dangerous hive. Fair game.Feh… obviously someone has decided to trot out, and (attempt to) polish up, the next ‘savior’ of the unwashed.Honestly, when you cross the two bagger fugly of her alleged mom with the broken vessel jowliness of dear old adulterer, dad, Chelsea Clinton has the genetic package of Gollum. The one issue Hillary and Chelsea don't appear to agree on entirely is transgender self-identification.
Howdy Clinton, bwhahaha! Getting the current Buffalo Bob’s (Bill?)

定休日には発送をお休みさせていただきますm(__)m But not the voice or talent. Piers Morgan has gone on a fiery rant on his official Twitter account following Prince Harry 's announcement today. I can only speculate that her appearance on the stage comes from the Left’s misunderstanding of their own petard’s success.

They all smell like career politicos to me and I hate career do-nothings.On a brighter note, Can’t hark, I hate most tv and spent three hours yesterday oxide coating two long guns and a SIG pistol as well as my Walther clone. Or maybe she’s just another talentless hack coasting on her family’s name. Stained a gun stock too. If the parents pay for it, oh well. Not her fault but its a hilarious image.All these years I KNEW her face reminded me of someone but I just couldn’t put my finger on it. Dad has WC Fields down to a science.So of course her mug could scare the scales off a fish.

She didn’t have to sign on to this, she’s on the public stage now. Not 100% successful, obviously.I was perfectly at peace with the moratorium on stories about Chelsea…until now. I’m *sure* somebody came up with it before me, but I couldn’t resist. I’m *sure* somebody came up with it before me, but I couldn’t resist. Never saw Chelsea at all and only watched snippits on youtube. She’s a hairball regardless.Well, she’s indeed fugly, thanks to her parentage, but some strange cocktail of genetics, politics, and liberal idiocy has given Chelsea the I do think she was just petrified with fear, not devoid of charisma but really, who thought she’d be brilliant on her own show without a shred of experience or evidence of her ability?That’s the problem with being a first kid: you get to skip the apprenticeship, so you never learn the trade.If an ordinary mortal wanted to be a TV reporter…first off, she’d have to want it pretty bad even to get a foot in the door. Furthermore, I would think that if she had any grit or charm we would have seen it by now. Megan could be Clarabell with those knockers she shows off all the time!Y’all are pretty dang observant, because I didn’t realize it was a ‘shop until I read the comments. *Someone* at “Rock Center” has an unhealthy fascination with Howdy Doody…The lst time I saw a mug like Chelsea’s, there was a bag of oats strapped to it.Chelsea’s favorite time? This old Derbyshire article has been floating around. Then, she’d have to start at some regional station, reporting on snowstorms and lost cats.

Or Albuquerque.But now that I know you’re a Schenectady gal, it’ll stick. 旅と自由と音楽と レディース、メンズ衣料、ヒッピー、アジアンファッション、60's70'sレトロ古着、ROCK、バンドTシャツ オリジナルタイダイ染め、旅空tabisora foolsgold web-shop スクリーチング・ウィーゼル Screeching Weasel Tシャツ 通販の …
Sure, it could be argued that the same could be said of Big ‘uns McCain but she was put on stage to embarass Republicans and one has to admit that there’s a sort of peek-through-your-fingers-at-the-coming-train-wreck amusement to be had from her performances.Chelsea’s performance on the other hand is more akin to watching laundry dry on the line. It’s like being a duke. *yawn* I’m souther and we’ve been making Clinton/Carter jokes since Carter Country was on television. To be perfectly honest, I feel pretty sorry for Chelsea. Here’s one I saw recently The “lucky sperm club” only guarantees access – talent is your own lookout.At some point haven’t the Clintoons made enough money per our SCOAMF? It’s what the Democrats did with John Kennedy Jr. It’s what they did with his sister Caroline, which was going great until she was recorded speaking extemporaneously.

Maybe she gets down with the written word. - Duration: 20:47. Awesome job Stoaty!This can’t be original. I don’t believe that there is one recorded instance anywhere of Chelsea having ever once said anything witty or clever. Once you put Yeah she’s had some work under the knife, but she’s still got that resemblance going.Your caricature is far too kind. Other than her parentage, I just don’t comprehend why anyone would pay attention to her.Nah, not gonna be fair. And that show sucked beans.Anything to do with the Clinton/Carter/Obama theme makes my guts crawl. If she has her mother’s grit and her father’s charm, she’ll go far with Democrats On the other hand, if she has her Chelsea is 32 years old and has accomplished nothing on her own.