Fate leads her on an unforeseen detour to the town of Grandon Falls where she discovers unexpected new chapters — of the heart and family. Plus, this town is the kind where the locals know each other by name. But an unforeseen detour to the charming town of Grandon Falls has her discover unexpected new chapters - of the heart and of family - helping her to embrace, once again, the magic of Christmas. That’s for the annual festival to honor the Norwegian snow god Ullr. Candace Cameron Bure gave her best performance in this movie. I will watch this movie again and it is now a Christmas favorite for years to come. Known for their heart-warming cards, Hallmark has capitalized on finding those moments that inspire humility, gratitude and connection.

Find out more about Candace Cameron Bure, Tim Rozon and Beth Broderick. Their support of local artisans and craftspeople is sure proof of their small-town hardiness. Directed by David Weaver. On Location - Christmas Town Switched for Christmas

Situated on Mount Desert island, during December you can find retreat in serene, oceanfront The festivities in this ski town during the holiday season are reason enough to visit.

Even so, this New England town is one of the most unsuspectingly idyllic winter escapes on our list.The fresh layers of snow on the quiet, peaceful streets are evidence that you won’t find hoards of tourists at this time of year.

In complete contrary to the toasty and warm festival is the frozen icicles of millions of gallons of water transformed into the Midway Ice Castles. There’s a Santa run with milk and cookie pit stops that also features a Holiday Dog Parade and Reindeer Run for the smaller folk.The following weekend, don’t be surprised if you spot Vikings skiing down the mountains.

Don’t forget to grab some cider and donuts, a regional favorite.Located some 1,700 miles from the actual North Pole, this is a city in Alaska where you will get as close to the real North Pole as your imagination can.Streets are named Snowman Lane, Holiday Road and St. Nicholas Drive. Will it all help her to embrace the spirit of Christmas once again? Hallmark's 'Christmas Town' Was Actually Filmed in a Huge City (But You'd Never Know It) We want to visit the set of Candace Cameron Bure's newest movie ASAP. After a woman's boyfriend breaks up with her right before the holidays, she agrees to go home with an actor who will pose as her boyfriend. More Candace Cameron Bure With a local Craft Fair, handmade goods and the community all pitching in to make it a success, it’s certainly fit for a Hallmark movie.Getting top points for its name, this small town dedicates a solid three weeks to a jam-packed Christmas schedule.With Santa’s Candy Castle, Christmas Store, Post Office, Museum and Lodge, the opportunities to get in the spirit are practically endless.You might overhear a cheery wish of “God Jul” instead of Merry Christmas.

If there's one plot Hallmark uses more than any other, it's the secret prince. The Hallmark Channel named Portsmouth, Ohio its Hometown Christmas Town for 2019. Given that the holiday season is full of these kinds of moments, Hallmark Channel’s Countdown to Christmas movies have truly been able to capture the essence of the season in their seasonal lineup.Featuring small towns with local cafes, friendly neighbors who call each other by first name, and a whole line up of Christmastime activities, these movies stir something in even the toughest Grinch. Check out photos from the set of the movie! She sends 5 Christmas cards, affecting her BFF, brother, aunt, pop star, and past music/cello teacher, meeting her single, photographer son. Dylan, Jesse Filkow, was the best young actor's performance this season.

It’s everything Hallmark and Christmas could dream. It’s like walking through the frozen Milky Way.

Watch a scene from "Christmas Town" starring Candace Cameron Bure and Tim Rozon. Hallmark Christmas movies are so predictable so use this handy generator to create your Hallmark Christmas movie in three easy parts. Find video, photos and more for the Hallmark Channel Original Movie “Christmas Town” starring Candace Cameron Bure, Tim Rozon and Beth Broderick. One of their new clients is a toy company and they don't see eye-to-eye with Edward Ferris (Luke Macfarlane), the company's C.E.O. A true Hallmark quality movie. Jessica gets dumped before Christmas. This town hosts the Zermatt Swiss Christmas, a family-friendly event with an authentic Swiss Räbeliechtli parade.