Could the seat of Satan in Rev 2:3 be one of these other gods? "Christos" is the Greek word that has that identical meaning.To the Jewish people who spoke Greek, "Christos" had the very same meaning that "Messiah" had for the Hebrew-speaking Jewish people.jesus is Messiahiach, regardless of false teachers in Judaism and Islamthere is no other natme but Jesus, (or whatever name He is known by)that saves mankind, HE is the ONLY saviour that was prophesied since the days of the prophet Abel.they all just mean "savior" in english. Luke 23:46 6 And Jesus called with a loud voice and said: “Father, into your hands I entrust my spirit” Jesus quoted Psalms 31:5 where it states “Into your hand I entrust my spirit” Who is his Father? He entered in Christ did that. the passages that say we had have clear evidences?

He is the central figure of Christianity, the world's largest religion.Most Christians believe he is the incarnation of God the Son and the awaited Messiah (the Christ) prophesied in the Old Testament. In Greek, it may be spelled Χρίστος or Χρήστος, which are pronounced identically. After the apostles died off (aboout the year 100) paganism corrupted Christianity. When he returns there will be a union of church and state, of the king and high priest roles, in the divine Person of Jesus. This same Greek phrase, "Christos Anesti," is also the title of a traditional Orthodox Easter hymn sung during Easter services in celebration of Christ’s glorious resurrection. People were anointed to fill one or two of three offices: prophet, priest, and king. To be messiah, one was anointed with the holy oil of anointing. Answer: The word Christos is found at least 569 times in the Greek language version of the New Testament. J23 Christian Greek Scriptures, Heb., by J. Bauchet, Rome, 1975 And No, this doesn't confirm that Jesus is Jehovah. Transliteration: Christos Phonetic Spelling: (khris-tos') Definition: the Anointed One, Messiah, Christ Usage: Anointed One; the Messiah, the Christ. It is sung at many services during the week of Easter in Eastern Orthodox churches. (what was pagan of the Greek culture, not as their philosophy). They had a sole God- point to us the theists the fact of the Philosopers have been worshipers of God - but they didn't worship those scandalous Deities of the Ancient Greek pantheon - they spoke about Zeus but this siglus's scholars (Fernando Rodríguez Adrados - the Athenian Democracy) say that they said: "Sinners created sinner gods, the gods are not like the Illiade was" (paraphrasis) - Jenophaneswhat you refered then was the Antiochian souverains - I don't know about that so much - I should study- I never understandt why was so hard for Jews just a statue of a Pagan god in their Temple - I should learn of your wisdom - I just proposed to speak so consequently like you did - I didn't mean you Jews are not Sages - I am just saying:Put a staircase to us - not just critics. I hope not have offended you, but teach you somethingI answered your answer because I said I wouldn't permet such superfitial saiths - let's dialogue traiting each other as serious people - not pagansKhaganate: Mine is a melange of questions. Jesus is the Messiah or Christos, sent by God, to save man from his sins. The translation of "moshiach" is "anointed." So ‘Christos’ is Greek for ‘messiah’. You explained me what the value of the oil is and that is so welcome. Christos means, based on Strong's Concordance (#G5547), the Messiah or the anointed One. Jesus’ Father is Jehovah. It describes an appointment; a function in the theocratic structure of Israel, namely that of high priest, prophet or king; anybody who had no earthly superior and worked directly for God.. It’s who he is.Hi, I really appreciate the work that has been done on the website and consider it a very valuable database for Greek names.Antonis hi, thanks for the comments and participation!Hi, I am a Greek American expecting our second child (boy).

The overlap is where "messiah" and "christ" mean the same or similar things. Ex. christos while a greek word, doesn't mean the same as part of greek culture and jesus and the apostles all spoke greek and wrote their books in greek, none of them were actual ethnically greek.How do you think about the answers? Christos is a man that will rarely accept he has made a mistake and will not apologize in the case he did something wrong, but will try to defend his choices and actions as much as possible.I was wondering if Christos could also mean creator+ anointed one? After the apostles died off (aboout the year 100) paganism corrupted Christianity.