Great fun, many very neat attractions and look back in time!pent about 2 hours in The Clark County Museum.

They have more nostalgic antique items on display in the train depot building. He has been with Clark County for twenty-three years, and was previously the Director of the San Luis Obispo County Historical Museum in California. Gaze at the ones nestled here in homes decorated so quaint and accurate,  you will feel like you're walking on the street of your childhood and stepping up on the porch because your mama called you home for dinner.

County history museum with exhibits on Native Americans, mining, railroads, gaming and historic houses plus a ghosttown.The Clark County Museum is a function of Clark County Parks and Recreation, which is accredited by the Commission for Accreditation of Park and Recreation Agencies. Especially if you have little ones who have too much energy, this is a perfect location to bring them.

Diane Bush, Marketing Supervisor, Clark County Parks and Recreation.

Take a walk on a trail to see rustic mining equipment and a few old West buildings such as a general store and a jail. So we're actually a county island within the city of Henderson and the private nonprofit turned over all of their uh ownership of it to the county they turn themselves into the Clark County Museum Guild, which still to this day supports the museum raise. This session will last fifteen minutes. Highly recommended!One of my daughter and I visited this historical museum because we had a couple of hours of free time. Today, we are a vibrant museum featuring exhibits, talks, and events focusing on local stories across all segments of Clark County’s history.

She initially stored her burgeoning collection inside her home or scattered about her five-acre property.

Only problem is this museum has displays outside and on a sunny day, walking around in the desert may not appeal to everyone. Come and see. Outside is where you'll find the Heritage Houses, train engine (viewing only; behind a chainlink fence) as well as a passenger car (allowed inside). Through years of growth and change, one thing has always remained: our passion for fabrics. He has been with Clark County for twenty-three years, and was previously the Director of the San Luis Obispo County Historical Museum in California. clark county museum description If you're planning on driving to the Hoover Dam -- or want to travel back in time -- the Clark County Museum is one stop you don't want to miss. The Clark County Museum in Henderson, Nev., displays a cardboard likeness of curator Mark Hall-Patton to appease visitors who complain when he’s not around.

I'm new to Nevada so this was a great way to get some back ground. Finally there was a huge field with cemetery, wagons and various machines. Very nice museum and it's worth driving down to see it!We stopped at the visitor center and they recommended we visit this museum. There are many historical items to view both inside the museum and out. From the different period houses, to the cool artifacts, and the unusual cheap prices this place offers it all!

The main building is chockful of well set up displays with Indian artifacts and a section with old slot machines, part of a display that describes the evolution of Las Vegas.

and all the different building representing different eras. Questions will be typed, and staff will read them to Mark who will answer them. During this time, Anna became a collector of historical artifacts, minerals, and clothing. The staff were very friendly and helpful. I saw the tiny building and figured we'd be in and out in minutes. William moved to California. Can you list the exhibits?

This location proved less satisfactory since people broke in and stole valuable and historic artifacts. The Boulder City depot and collection of railroad cars recall the railroad heritage of southern Nevada, while the arrested decay along the Ghost Town and Mining Trail offers a perspective on life in the hot and arid Southwest environment.Largest collection of Pauite baskets in the nation I missed Mark, which was a bummer but his cutout was hilarious to see.My family and I visited this historical museum and enjoyed every minute though it was hot outside and some of the museum is outdoors. Bill Boyd drew up a contract that legally transferred the collections from Mrs. Jennings to the Chamber of Commerce.

They have an entire vintage print shop. "I've been very satisfied with the framing jobs I've brought to this store over the last 15 years! Currently the last part of the museum walk through is featuring items from the tragic shooting event that happened in Vegas last year.

There's plenty of grass area to frolic and play. There's even a Spartanette Trailer which gives a whole new meaning to the word, "compact".