Photo taken 04/01/14.December 28, 2003 photos taken along Interstate 75 south leading to Florida 826 (Palmetto Expressway).One mile south of the parclo interchange (Exit 394) with Easterday Avenue on I-75 north. Interstate 75 provides the major link between the Southeast and the Great Lakes, serving the cities of Miami, Naples, Fort Myers, Tampa, Atlanta, Chattanooga, Knoxville, Lexington, Cincinnati, Toledo, and Detroit. Lanes were enforced 24 hours a day.Some HOV lanes in the Atlanta were converted to HOT Lanes and more conversions are planned in the future. A three year six cent hike to the state motor fuels tax helped cover the costs of these projects.Leaving the Buckeye State, Interstate 75 approaches the Detroit metropolitan area. Split in a series of projects strung out between 1976 and 1994, work along I-75 rebuilt the freeway from the Downtown Connector northwest to the Perimeter Highway (Interstate 285) from 1982 to 1987. Previously empty interchanges grew to include traveler services, malls, and condominiums. Numerous fatalities were recorded on this stretch through 1968 due to substandard design including a steep grade and weaving traffic at the Jefferson Avenue interchange coupled with a dangerous S-curve. Are the rest areas on I70 from Kansas City MO to Boonville MO open?ARE THE REST AREAS ON I-5 NORTH OPEN FROM SOUTHERN CALIF. TO WASHINGTON?Discover 3,686 free RV camping areas throughout the Looking for a journal to keep track of your daily adventure? Spanning the Straits of Mackinac, this toll bridge crosses over waters that freeze in the coldest winters.
The tolled International Bridge comes into view along the horizon. FDOT maps confirm that the southern spur to Miami Beach was to be Interstate 395.However, with pressure to upgrade the tolled Alligator Alley (old SR 84) to a superhighway, Interstate 75 was extended instead along that route. Page numbers direct you to road trip maps detailing southbound and northbound driving directions. Photo taken 04/01/14.The first reassurance marker for Interstate 75 appears after the on-ramp from SR 826 south onto the ending SR 924, but before the flyover from SR 826 north. Regardless of where you are at the moment, Photo taken by Jeff Royston (10/00).Taking Exit 394, motorists reach Portage Avenue.

If people took some time to look through this website, their questions would be answered. Even so, the unmarked Florida state road designations allude to the former route of I-75, with SR 93 accompanying I-275 through St. Petersburg and Tampa and SR 93A overlaying I-75 around the east side of Tampa Bay.Interstate 75 widens to eight lanes through the Brandon area east of Tampa due to commuter traffic. The colors identify the direction of travel served by each rest area. The airport's mailing address is: 11000 Terminal Access Road, Suite 8671 Fort Myers, FL 33913 The left lane of the bridge is steel grating rather than concrete. The initial decision was to route I-75 along the current alignment of I-275 through both Tampa and St. Petersburg, while an Interstate 75E was proposed to take the current alignment of I-75 east of the urban area. The unfunded concept paralleled Interstate 75 to the west, perhaps along the U.S. 27 or 127 corridors. No signs acknowledge the on-ramp as I-75. Photo taken 11/06/09.Looking north from the Easterday Avenue overpass at the ending Interstate 75. Planning to improve the deficiencies at this interchange have been underway since the early 1980s. From Chattanooga northeast to Knoxville, it follows U.S. 11 closely. The book also shows club members where to buy discount gas at Sam's Club and Costco locations near the I-75.Dave notes that gas pumps are starting to accept credit and debit cards with microchips and PIN numbers. Here, I-75 provides the connection between Interstate 59 and Interstate 81, both of which parallel the U.S. 11 corridor. by using your log information,

Traffic has increased between Naples and Tampa due to the explosive growth of this region, and much of the route carries at least six lanes now. Do you want a Detroit-to-Florida route plan with driving maps? The newest edition of the Hunters' driving guide notes that these centers are now only rest areas. The entire stretch maintains at least six lanes. Traffic and capacity issues plague the Atlanta metropolitan area routine and improvement projects are always ongoing or in development.