Yep, love the facilities and the neighbours are great.We were considering moving to Orange, but if crime is that much in the forefront of your mind, maybe we (retirees) should reconsider.Hello, I would like to hear your opinion about the street Honeyman Dr No chinese or indians please. no. Plenty of decent public and private schools.

They are often blinkered and do have double standards. There were 22 robberies in Orange, 13 with a weapon that was not a firearm, two with a firearm and seven without a weapon. BOCSAR Orange is a medium size town its large enough to provide you with the benefits of a city e.g. Good schools, family friendly. I lived in Orange for 6 months to work at the local hospital - I was told to avoid the areas west of the train line and ended up living on Margaret Street.

Population figures for 2010 were applied to 2010 and 2011 incident data as no population data for 2011 was available at the time of preparation.For the Rank, please note that LGAs with populations lower than 3000 are excluded because rate calculations for these areas are very sensitive to small changes in population sizes and the number of incidents recorded. Plenty of pubs and fancy restaurants but not much else for a single non-drinker to do at night. The downside of this is the higher cost of living especially for rent and to purchase a house when compared to similar sized towns. People say keep away from this part or that part of town but I've been living here for nearly three years and in my opinion there really isn't a dangerous part of town....practically the whole town feels safe. Good shopping and everything only 5 minutes away. Crime Stoppers. Orange has working opportunities in a spectrum of industries. Orange . Orange violent crime rates have decreased by 27%. Please turn on JavaScript and try again. There is a small Myers and all your usual retail suspects like Woolworths, Coles, Kmart and Big W. There is a mix of people here with your well-to-do, Mercedes driving families to Sudanese refugees to rowdy young miners. It has many trees along the roads which provide a miriad of colour during autumn. Crime statistics obtained from NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics, Department of Attorney General and Justice.© State of New South Wales through the Department Attorney General and Justice.Data excludes incidents occuring in correctional facilities.The Rates are calculated per 100,000 population for each LGA where the LGA population is greater than 3000. Lots of work available especially with the support of the gold mine and associated industries spreading money through the town.

Orange is a surprisingly beautiful has lots of lovely parks and an amazing botanic gardens next to a children's adventure playground. you can drive across town in 10 minutes. If you buy/rent in orange be ready to fight for a job. Anyway, we ultimately moved back to sydney as there is simply not many employment opportunities for many sectors in Orange. Being retired is the best option, as the town itself is beautiful. Orange is picturesque, the locals are welcoming, the wine and food to be had is second to none! About 3.5 hours west of Sydney, a fantastic town with lots to do for family living. RSL had good food last time and there are plenty of shops, with a brand new Bunnings up in North orange. Dams are at 25% but there are actions underway to increase supply through alternative means. Published: Thursday, 29 August 2019 11:59 am. Canobolas Local Area Commander, Superintendent Shane Cribb said police were meeting their targets in reducing the number of crimes in the Orange region. Bogans around but that's everywhere. Nevertheless, I enjoyed a different country lifestyle for a change.

For an online demonstration on how to use our Crime … shopping, library, museum, aquatic centre and art gallery etc but small enough to provide you with the benefits of a close knit community, e.g. For this reason Sydney LGA and LGAs without the offence have also been excluded.Source: NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research (Dec 2011 data) Overall through it a great spot due to it's location (even if it can get a bit cold, it actually has 4 seasons), facilities, general community spirit, shopping, medical care, etc. In addition to the Crime mapping Tool there are three additional crime tools available providing additional data for Local Government Areas. That compared to 19 in Dubbo, of which three involved a firearm and 16 in Bathurst, of which two involved a firearm. Bathurst again had the best statistics of the three when it came to theft from motor vehicle. In country towns, it's who you know, not what you can do. The wind also makes it feel way colder. Caped criminal on the run after series of robberies in Orange. Orange is a pretty town with wide roads and the occasional traffic hold-up along the main road through town, and plenty of parks. On average 3 cars are stollen and burnt every night, with numerous break-ins across the city, crime is a huge problem in Orange! 3218.0). Rate calculations should also be treated very cautiously for LGAs that have high visitor numbers relative to their residential population. The mine has been slowing down and the Electrolux factory has all but disappeared, leaving many out of work. In terms of local industry, the Cadia mine has 30-40 years of life in it and much more scope for resource upgrade to increase the mine life. Determining whether Orange is becoming less or more safe for its residents (per 100,000) is most easily done by comparing year-over-year crime rates. What I liked the most was the fact that I got a clean and bright 1-bedroom unit with fridge, washing machine, dryer and secure attached garage for $200 per week. In 2017 BOCSAR reported an overall drop in recorded incidence with the murder rate (down 12.1%), robbery (down 8.0%), armed robbery (down 13.4%), burglary (Down 5.5%), motor vehicle theft (Down 3.2%) and malicious damage to property (Down 3.6%). After living in cramped inner city apartments for the past few years, the space and peace was rather nice. The data from the NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research shows the number of incidents in Orange was lower than Dubbo, though higher than Bathurst, across a range of crimes. Total crimes for Orange has decreased by 6% in the same time frame.