The first day of school is Aug. 4.Following Paxton's letter, the district's board of trustees decided to move the first day of school to Aug. 26.The students choice of in-person or virtual learning will take effect that day, the district said.High school students will have the option to compose a hybrid schedule consisting of some in-person instruction and some remote instruction.The start of school has been rescheduled for Aug. 19, and students will have the option of remote or in-person learning.
They were put on pause for a couple of months because the virus was running rampant, but now they’re kicking back in.”“I’m talking about regulatory relief,” Crowley added. "Postponing the school start date will allow school systems in our area time to assess the status of the COVID-19 pandemic and adjust accordingly. 2020 Summer School; 2020 Summer School. “You’ll recall, in early March when the virus was really spreading around the world and came to the shores of the United States, nobody quite knew what this virus was,” Crowley said.

Our Mission: We inspire all students to become … "The district announced Monday that it will follow Denton County health department's recommendation to delay in-person lessons to Sept. 8.The first day of school is Aug. 19 with online learning.School will begin Aug. 25 with the choice of in-person or at-home learning.The first day of class is Aug. 17, and the first three weeks of school will be online-only for all students.Those who have chosen face-to-face instruction will begin in-person classes on Sept. 8.Following Paxton's letter, the district decided to bein school on Aug. 12.

“Those pro-gross economic policies are still in place. The start date for in-person or online instruction has been pushed back to Aug. 17.The district will remain on schedule with its plan with in-person and virtual learning, starting on Aug. 17.The school year will begin with online instruction on Aug. Instruction will be done virtually until Sept. 8, when students will return to campus in small groups to learn and practice the safety protocols. On-campus instruction will be limited to students without internet access or in the special education program, as determined by the superintendent.The district has Chromebooks and hotspots available for students who haven't received them yet when they register, officials said.The Fort Worth ISD school board voted to start school online and push the start date back until Sept. 8.The first four weeks of instruction will be held virtually.The Fort Worth school year was originally scheduled to begin Aug. 17 with in-person classes beginning Sept. 28. Serving more than 15,000 students in the Southwest Fort Worth area, Crowley ISD provides our students with excellence in education so that all students achieve their full potential.

Teachers who are delivering virtual instruction will do so from classrooms at their home campus. For students in pre-K through 2nd grade, masks are required when they are in hallways and common areas.Under minimal level, masks will only be required by visitors and for students when they are in hallways or other common areas.Garland ISD says students will learn online-only from Aug. 10 to Sept. 7, in accordance with the Dallas County order.Students will begin their choice of in-person classes or virtual learning on Sept. 8.The district also changed school hours to add 10 minutes of instruction time. That level will determine guidance on face coverings.Under substantial or moderate levels, face coverings will be required for children 3rd through 12th grade and for staff and visitors. The school year will begin with in-person learning, for those who have picked that option.